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The 15 apps for Android that you should delete immediately


Google Play has about 4 million applications in its interior, and although Google’s policies have become stricter in recent years, adopting measures aimed at keep your store as clean possible, it is not always possible to have an efficiency of 100%. As we like your smartphone to enjoy the best health, next we talk about 15 apps for Android that you must erase if you do not want to take unpleasant surprises.

Has been malware analyst for ESET, which has raised the alarm about these applications that we now list.

The most curious and worrying of all is that although some have a fairly low score that already warns us that something is not right with them, others have a score of about 4 stars that generates enough confidence, demonstrating that the valuation system of the store is not infallible and that many users are unaware of the ins and outs of the apps they have installed on their device.

Uninstall these 15 Apps and do it now

The applications that we show you have behind you More than 400,000 users and have the habit of downloading other payment apps and invisible ads that take you to fraudulent websites, so it is more than recommended that you get rid of them.

The 15 apps for Android that you should delete immediately

Among the chosen ones we have a bit of everything, from guides to prepare cocktails and meals to calculators and personal trainers, but in the background, they do things they should not. This is the list:

  • Cold Glass – Bartender cocktail guide – free
  • Yoga mastering – best yoga poses
  • BitKeep
  • Exchange Calculator Plus
  • SportKeeper
  • SportAge
  • RoutePoint
  • MyCookBook
  • CoinCheck
  • Crypto Wall
  • Allconvert
  • Sportify
  • Converto
  • Password

As you can see, malware creators have a preference for applications related to virtual currencies , but they also love calculators , one of the apparently most innocuous applications that we can install in our smartphones.

The 15 apps for Android that you should delete immediately

The 15 apps for Android that you should delete immediately

You must remember that these applications are not completely useless or defective, since all of them are fully functional and they do the work for which they have supposedly been installed, which makes them precisely dangerous, since apparently there is nothing wrong with them and they fulfill the promise.

And always remember that it is more than advisable to take a good look at the comments of other users and uninstall any recent application if you see that your smartphone shows some kind of strange or unusual behavior, you never know what some malicious hacker could be doing with your data