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This has been a big year for the North American cannabis industry. Without the question, the highlight was the legalization…

This has been a big year for the North American cannabis industry. Without the question, the highlight was the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada on 17 October. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been speaking for several years for legalization and could finally see his vision realized with the passage of the Cannabis law. A few years from now, when capacity-building projects are completed, the Canadian legal plant industry can generate $ 5 billion in increased annual sales.

There has also been a banner year for the US market. During the mid-term elections in November, voters in two new states approved medical marijuana initiatives, giving the number of states legalized stews in a certain amount to 32. Michigan Holders also voted for green-light cannabis use for adults and became the 1

0th state to do so.

Now, cannabis enthusiasts and investors have become aware of what permits can be next to the legalization. Fortunately, not much guesswork can be required.

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Garden State has its eyes on legalizing potatoes for adult use [19659007] On Monday, November 26, two panels in New Jersey voted overwhelmingly to approve three new cannabis bills. One of them aims to legalize adult marijuana.

These panels, from the State Senate and Assembly, voted 7 to 4, with two abstentions in the Senate and 7 to 3, with a ballot in the congregation, in favor of the bill that would legalize recreational marijuana within the state. The additional two invoices that also passed cover the expansion of the state’s existing medical cannabis program and the creation of a system that would speed up the criminal outbreak of low levels of cannabis crime. Now all three bills continue for an official ballot from the entire Senate and the Assembly. Assuming the passage, a recreation margarita count could find its way to Count Phil Murphy’s (D-N.J.) Desk within a few weeks.

What can the recreation permit look like in the garden state? As with other legalized states, it would allow adults 21 years and up to buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis. There would be an attached tax rate of 12%, which would be significantly lower than the total tax rates some can pay in Washington or California by up to 37% and 45% respectively. For what it’s worth, Gov. Murphy suggested that a tax rate of 12% be too low. Instead, Murphy has demanded a 25% excise duty on legal sales sales for what could be a $ 850 million industry in the state in 2022.

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In addition to the basics, the broad-based legalization bill also contains a section on the rapid expulsion of low-level marijuana crime. Although a separate bill is working to handle this faster and more effectively, the only occurrence of this clause is worth noting. It is also worth pointing out that North Dakota voters quenched a recreational legalization initiative in the recently made middle terms which had a expulsion clause, which indicates that it is not allowed to attract support.

Finally, the bill would allow the delivery of marijuana in the state, as well as authorizing dispensaries to create “consumption areas”. Essentially, New Jersey would allow dispensers to deliver potters where consumers could enjoy their product outside the home.

It’s obviously an ambitious bill with much more going on than a simple cut-and-dried legalization of recreational pot.


Curaleaf, which IPO at the end of October with more than a $ 4 billion valuation, making it the largest stock market introduction in marijuana history, currently has 28 dispensers, 12 crops and nine processing sites throughout the selected legalized US states. As a reminder, since the federal government has held its classification I classification for cannabis (ie completely illegal), interstate transport of marijuana is not allowed. Therefore, the only way to vertically check the supply and costs of an American dispensary is to cultivate and process cannabis within a state, as Curaleaf does.

As noted by analyst Robert Fagan of GMP Securities, licensed by Investors Business Daily the broad based legalization bill would allow existing exemptions in the state (including Curaleafs) to immediately begin resale sales, provided that approval is approved, without the need for any new licensing.

Curaleaf is working on a 435,000 square foot greenhouse plant in New Jersey. The first phase of production will come online next year, so it can become a key producer and retailer in the garden state.

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Similarly, it is also recently public Acreage Holdings (NASDAQOTH: ACRZF) was likely to favor a New Jersey legalization. In March, the vertically integrated Acreaget made the decision to enter the New Jersey market by collaborating with the Compassionate Care Foundation (CCF) in the state. CCF is one of only six licensed alternative treatment center operators in New Jersey, with Acreage providing the financial resources to meet patient demand. Probably, with Acreage that has assets up and down the cannabis supply chain, it can broaden its horizons if the New Jersey legalization bill passes.

By and by default did not sleep on KushCo Holdings (NASDAQOTH: KSHB) . Almost every time a new country or state legalizes in any capacity, KushCo is there chomping on piece to get its part of the packaging and branding solutions pie. As a supplier of manipulation and childproof packaging, KushCo ensures that medical and leisure growers continue to comply with local, state and federal laws. Additionally, because packaging requirements tend to be so strict, KushCo takes the task of helping growers and their products stand out. It is an indispensable piece of material behind the scenes that can benefit if the garden is green.

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