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The 10 best headphones to get married this holiday season

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Forget the charity goat, the scarf no one will wear, and the gift card for Olive Garden. The one thing everyone on your list wants is a new set of headphones. Selv om du har alle hovedtelefoner sidste år, de sikkert har mistet dem. Do you want your money to go to something that will get used? In this always-plugged-in era, that’s headphones. The question is: Which headphones are best? Relax. We did the work for you. These 1

0 headphones will cover every gift scenario in your life.

For Sanity

Donning a comfy pair of over-ear headphones can fix a plane flight, provide respite from a chaotic home life, and create a cone of concentration anywhere. Do you need to drop a fortune to give stress-free goodness to someone you love? No. The Plantronics BackBeat GO 810 headphones sound great, keep going for 22 hours on one charge, and have active noise cancellation. A steal at $ 150.

For motivation

Someone on your list has been saying, “I need more exercise!” How to be supportive without being judgmental? The Plantronics BackBeatFIT 3100 ($ 150) is a slick pair of wireless – as in seriously, no wires; you wear them in your ears – headphones that can get sweaty and rained on. De vil slå det gå eller løpe inn i den beste delen av dagen. Og de lar deg høre via din lydbok eller tunes så du ikke er oblivious til din miljø. That’s safer.

For the swimmer

Lap swimmers need a sound track too. How cool would you be if you made that happen? The Surge S + Headphones ($ 50) from H2O Audio are designed to be listened to in the top 12 feet of the pool.

For gaming

Gamers have needs when it comes to headsets. They need immersive sound quality to hear that stealthy opponent and distant gunfire. De trenger å bli hørt af andre gamers i den virtuelle verden når de shout expletives. Og de trenger å koble til en gamingkonsol. Dell’s Alienware Wireless Elite Gaming Headset ($ 200) hits all these marks.

For their stockings

If you want to drop something useful into everyone’s stocking, check out Wicked Audio’s Shred2 Bluetooth ($ 50) earbuds. Slick-looking and wireless, they wrap behind your neck so you can wear them all over town. They are waterproof and sweat resistant. The wired version of the same cost less than $ 20.

For Alexa fans

There is always someone who needs to “Alexa!” from across every room. These headphones let that guy wear Amazon’s (or Google’s) personal assistant on his head. More Alexa, less shouting. The Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II ($ 350) are high-fidelity and noise cancellation. But how sweet is this? Just ask aloud for a song and Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant will find it and play it right into your ears.

For those who are pretty in pink

Urbanears makes slick, minimal headphones that are high on design and low on hassle. Color is always a thing with this brand and this year they launched a lot of pink. The Jackan Powder Pink ($ 79) earbuds will look great with her dress, sound good in his ears, and not break your bank.

For the audiofile

The nuraphone ($ 399) is the headphones for people who are very serious about listening. I’ve watched grown but cry while listening to a favorite song played through these. De første gangen du sætter dem på, de spiller en tone i dine ører som tunes de hodetelefoner til den måten du hører. They are earbuds inside of over-ear headphones, which is a bit odd.

For chin-waggers

For chin-waggers,

if you want to have Christmas,

For some people, phones are for talking into. They do it often, in public, in the bathroom, for hours. For them, a great headphone is one where the phone sounds good; at de kan høre på musik eller podcasts er bare gravy. Enter the Jabra Elite Active 65t ($ 190). Wearable, completely wireless, easily connected, and optimized for talking on the phone. Bonus: a slick charging case and the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

For the kiddos

Wearing earbuds to listen to loud music has destroyed the hearing of an entire generation. Protect a youngster on your shopping list from this fate with the Puro BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones ($ 1100). These over-ear headphones will not let the volume get dangerously high, even if the kids want it that way, and they come in cute colors. They also sound great.

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