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Text Announcements Increase New Issues About Andrew Gillum's Lobbyist Connections

"These records get and add more evidence that I paid my own way or go with my family for all…

“These records get and add more evidence that I paid my own way or go with my family for all trips, including taking up tickets from my brother Marcus, who had a group of friends, Gillum said in the statement, without elaborating.

Mr. Corey’s sentenced texts also show that Corey offered a room for two nights at Millennium Hilton in downtown Manhattan. The rooms had been booked by Mr. Miller, the text shows. The agents had also arranged a boat trip on New York Harbor.

Mr. Gillum, who worked in New York, originally released the hotel room, but told Corey that he needed a place to stay for the second night.

“I missed, I think I need a room Tomorrow, Gillum wrote to Corey on August 10, 2016.

“Okay,” answered Corey, who had previously asked Miller for separate rooms for himself, Mr. Gillum and Mr. Gillum’s brother. “I’ve got you.”

Mr. Gillum stopped sharing his brother’s room.

The text messages also show that, when he planned the New York trip, Miller Corey asked how to best join Mr. Gillum directly.

“I wanted to thank AG for its support last week,” Miller wrote on July 19, 2016. A few days earlier, the municipal commission had given the last signoff to expand a community development area that would benefit one of Miller’s claims. [19659006] Mr. Corey gave him Mr. Gillum’s mobile number. “He is usually quite responsive,” he wrote.

Earlier that year, in May 2016, Gillum and his wife had joined Corey and other friends and their spouses in Costa Rica for a vacation in a luxury villa. Mr. Corey had won the stay at a charity auction and invited his friends to accompany him.

Mr. Gillum’s campaign produced a receipt on September 4, showing that the mayor and his wife, R. Jai Gillum, paid for their flights to Costa Rica and several restaurant dishes there. The campaign also gave a statement that showed a cash withdrawal of $ 400, which said it could replace Mr Corey for the couple’s accommodation. The campaign said the villa costs about $ 1,400 a night, divided into about a dozen people.

E-mailed by Corey’s lawyer on Tuesday shows that Gillum’s share to Corey was much more than $ 400. Mr. Corey had a credit card fee of 8,868 USD. When his accountant asked for billing details, Mr. Corey’s assistant stated the amount to be invoiced to Gillum’s $ 941.95 USD. The amount is crossed and a note is written next to it: “HOLD ON BILLING.”

Mr. Corey’s lawyer, Chris Kise, said last month that Gillum never replaced his client for the trip, an assertion that the campaign has questioned.

“Mr. Corey has been unfairly and incorrectly depicted in the media engaged in wrong or criminal acts,” Kise said in a statement on Tuesday. The record, he said, shows “no criminal activity took place.”

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