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Texas Rangers: Globe Life Park has found a new life as the stadium of D-FW's XFL franchise. This is how it looks.

Globe Life Park in Arlington has found a baseball life: There will be another football stadium in the block. On…

Globe Life Park in Arlington has found a baseball life: There will be another football stadium in the block.

On Wednesday, WWE mogul Vince McMahon’s spinoff group Alpha Entertainment announced the eight franchises for the second incarnation of XFL, which is scheduled to start football first and start playing in 2020. Among the eight initial franchises: One called Globe Life Park in Arlington is home. Other details, such as nicknames and colors and coaches are unlikely to be revealed until the beginning of 2019.

The XFL franchise will be anchor tenant in a slightly rebuilt Globe Life Park, which Rangers officials intend to stay as viable after that they moved to their new extendable roof stadium for the 2020 season.

“It’s a great opportunity to reuse this building,” says Sean Decker, Rangers vice president of operations and events. “We have committed ourselves to keeping Globe Life Park up to date and relevant and to keep good events coming through the building. We are excited to show fans we will review this.

Decker said the stadium will be retrofit with some work along the current third baseline, the visiting dugout area and the commissioner’s box seats at that location so that a football pitch can be drove north-south. Rangers are expected to pay for any construction. Decker also said that the team does not intend to get the XFL team to move to the new baseball stadium after 2020.

Rangers intends to make the stadium about 25,000 for football. It is likely that some parent positions, especially at the left-hand corner, can be removed for football. [1

9659003] It seems like a lot of work for a team in a recurring league that has been resting since 2001 and which will only play five home matches a year. [19659002] But it may be the first step towards making the arena primarily a football-based place. It is conceivable that the Arlington ISD can play games there. Another possibility: UT-Arlington, who has considered bringing back his football program.

Decker declined to comment on other football commitments at the stadium but acknowledged the willingness to play football for more than five days a year. [19659003] Decker also said that baseball could still be played at Globe Life Park. But it is likely that if Rangers tries to host events like World Baseball Classic, The Big 12 or other major college conference tournaments, they should be directed towards the new arena. However, college and youth tournaments can still be viable in the old park.

Rangers desire to play more football in Arlington tails with XFLs. The city could be central to the league’s hopes.

While the league will be based in Stamford, Conn said. At the WWE headquarters, Commissioner Oliver Luck, he believes that Arlington’s central location can make it a destination for other events that are linked to XFL.

“The D-FW market is perhaps the market with the most passion for football at all levels in the country,” said Luck. “It’s a part of it. It’s remarkable. It was not a difficult decision to decide on Dallas, especially after talking to Rangers people.” The building is in good shape and with a little retrofitting, it becomes more convenient for football. “[19659002] Some important points from a conversation with Luck about the “new” XFL:

What’s different this time?

Ligan plans to emphasize football entertainment over all other things like cheerleaders and jersey names, like “He Hate Me,” this time.

“We will get a much better quality of play,” Luck said. “We will take all 2019 to develop. We will play great football when we kick out the weekend from 8-9 February 2020. We will sign our main coaches, quarterbacks and skill players and give them time to develop. I’m not sure we were in that position in 2001. “

Luck said the league has already made many football performances to emphasize game action and to cut down on time.

Where are the other franchises?

In addition to the Dallas / Arlington franchise: Houston, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Washington. Luck expects Dallas-Houston rivalry to be an asset to the league. They will play a 10-game schedule.

What quality does the league come to recruit?

Think of players who have exhausted their time in the training groups.

“We want to be quite surgical convincing in what we do,” Luck said. “Our value proposition is that you can not play in the training session anymore, you will fight for a place in the 53-man roster and these places will not be easy. Here’s a pay that can be competitive with the NFL minimum. And you will play 10 games with real live bullets. “

Then will it be a development league?

“We do not like the word development,” Luck said. “We want a league standing on its own, but any league that is not NFL is something of a developmental game. CFL guys want to do NFL. We understand it, but it’s not supposed to develop players for NFL.” [19659025] This topic lacks your voice.

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