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Teslas navigation on the Autopilot update is now live

After rolling out its version 9 of Autopilot a few weeks ago, Tesla has followed up an additional update to…

After rolling out its version 9 of Autopilot a few weeks ago, Tesla has followed up an additional update to equip its vehicles with its Navigate with Autopilot feature, a driver system that drives the vehicle closer to being able to drive themselves.

Tesla officially released version 9 update earlier this month, which featured a new dash cam feature, games that can be played when the car is parked and updates of the vehicle’s navigation settings and indicates navigating would follow cards thereafter.

In a blog post, Tesla says that with the car’s surveillance, cars equipped with the function can control “a car from a highway ramp to off ramp, including suggesting and doing lane changes, navigating gearboxes and driving it is not entirely independent : Driver must approve the changes of the track using the stalk, although Tesla notes that they will be able to refrain from it in future updates. Tesla also says drivers still need to pay attention to the road and characterize this as “an extra two-eye safety layer would not have. “

Tesla also released a short video showing how to use the function, shows how to enable the function and how to approve lane changes and merge on the highway.

The system uses a range of cameras, radar and sensors to determine which objects surround the vehicle and use this information to help on the vehicle to navigate, while sending data back to the company’s vision and nervous system, which allows to improve the software. Tesla says that since the Autopilot launched in 2015, it collects more than a billion billion worth of data.

But there have been concerns – Autopilot was obviously responsible for a navigation error that resulted in a fatal crash, and the company decided to complain against system delays in May. Tesla has also recently marketed the option “Full Self-Driving” for its cars and says it took the opportunity out of function because it caused too much confusion.

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