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Tesla Coverage Swings Positive In Mass Media – #Pravduh Report 7

Cars Published on October 22, 2018 | by Chanan Bos October 22, 2018 of Chanan Bos Intro In the name…


Published on October 22, 2018 |

by Chanan Bos

October 22, 2018 of Chanan Bos


In the name of Tesla and all its supporters, I declare that this week is a win. This is the first week since September 1 (when we began #Pravduh), there are more positive news about Tesla than negative news. If I had not actually had my cup of coffee, I might have thought that I accidentally noticed and replaced the positive and negative categories. Only 14% negative news!

Here at CleanTechnica we wonder, is part of the improvement due to # Pravduh’s work that helps reveal the bad journalistic methods? Or maybe all skeptics were occupied last week and participated in the quarterly short short-term conference and scheduled new RDD plots for the coming quarter? Who knows? In any case, it is a welcome opportunity and hopefully it will be like this.

We also wanted to emphasize that we share the raw data (headings and points) each week. You can scan yourself if you want to double-click our results or just see the headings. And you can check out our own Tesla stories for more context and comparison.

#Pravduh About #Tesla
Report No. 7 (13-19 October)

This chart is deceptive because the total amount of articles published this week is much smaller than previous weeks.

This week, for the first time since we began to track headlines, the number of negative items is less than the number of neutral articles.

The 4 pages publish most about Tesla last week were: Bloomberg, CNBC, Business Insider and Reuters . It is interesting to note that each of the three sources that typically write the highest number of articles wrote 14 articles last week. We had to check our data to make sure there were no mistakes.

The next thing in our itinerary is track the authors who published this news. While the entire list is too long to put here because there are many authors who have written a bit about Tesla, they are 30 who published more than 6 articles about Tesla last week:

( For the entire section, note: In the case of large media, there are often section writers who control this section of articles, but we find that the authors are also interesting and potentially useful to consider what kind of stories the writers usually write.

Again, here are data from the this week if you want to take a closer look at the raw data.

What changed with Tesla last week?

Apart from the summary in intro, here is a list of news from Tesla and potential news ordered daily.

You can imagine what objectively were the most important updates in the “Tesla story” last week.

Our Methodology

As you have seen, we trace Tesla’s headlines and rate them based on their implications for Tesla. We cover 22 major media sites. We rate all Tesla headings as either positive, negative, or neutral. Unlike a nuanced scale, the system is based on a solid objective evaluation and contains minimal bias. A handful of us have checked the headlines and we do not find much variation in how a heading is ranked because it is a simple and clear system. If there is variation in how a heading is ranked, we discuss and agree on an agreement.

We define journalism as: the practice of facts and reporting about them . When you report systematically with an inclination that is inconsistent with reality, or release facts that are inconvenient for your point of view, which distort the general truth. To be as transparent as possible, all the data on which our analysis is based is published at the end of each report. We report facts and let you draw your own conclusions about the history of these stories.

We encourage you to check our data and have fun experimenting in the evaluation role – it may be even more enlightening than just looking at the results. We also encourage you to report whether you notice something that has been misjudged or has suggestions on how to improve our system.

#Pravduh History & Extra Context

The Team CleanTechnica started creating week and month #Pravduh About #Tesla reports in September 2018 after being really tired of strangely negative Tesla coverage in common media, and after some stimulation from some trolling by Elon Musk.

For those who somehow missed it, about 5 A few months ago Elon Musk was fed up with so much media publishing FUD (fear, insecurity and doubt) articles about Tesla and sometimes very wrong information that he presented an idea.

Most people who follow Tesla agree that it has been the target of far too misleading, unfairly negative media reporting. We here at CleanTechnica define journalism as: the practice of facts and reporting about them in a useful, correct context . When you systematically report with an inclination that does not match reality, or release facts that are uncomfortable for your point of view, distorting the general truth of history.

We at CleanTechnica felt something had to be done. As the stories – either in New York Times New York Post Forbes Business Insider CNBC CNBC ] or Bloomberg – became worse, we were finally accelerated to more systematic, regular action. Authors on our site had long informed readers about Tesla FUD and incorrect information, and readers had informed authors. We wrote articles that dug into facts and finances. However, sporadic, single attempts to correct the record seemed insufficient. If we put our own playful spin on the “Pravda” name Elon mentioned on Twitter, we decided to create #Pravduh About #Tesla .

Of all parts of a story, the headlines have the greatest influence – by far – so we decided to focus our work on the field analysis.

We also want to thank Maye Musk for her support for this project and to use data to try to improve Tesla coverage. Here’s a brief sampling of how she has used the reports to drive for better coverage:

The more these #Pravduh About #Tesla reports are shared online via social media, the more people will notice. If there is an ongoing strong negative shine about Tesla in some sales outlets – even as Tesla has so much positive news to share – people should be aware of this and approach each new story with that in mind.

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