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Telsa declares against the DOJ probe in Model 3 production

Tesla said in Friday's statement that investigators came to the company earlier this year and the company left the requested…

Tesla said in Friday’s statement that investigators came to the company earlier this year and the company left the requested documents. “We have not received a verdict, a testimony request or any other formal process, and there have been no further documentary requests from the Ministry of Justice for several months,” said the statement.

The journal reported that FBI agents have issued unemployment benefits some former Tesla employees. And recently, agents have searched interviews with some of them.

DOJ did not respond to CNN Business’s request for comments.

The investigation is different from a trial by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk was charged with a combined fine of $ 40 million to resolve the SEC’s claims that Musk cheated investors with Tweets and said he planned to take the company privately.

The development comes two days after the company has posted a quarterly win and its third profit since It was published in 201

0. Investors cheered the report and the company’s share increased by about 10% during the aftermath [19659003] Some analysts also said that the positive performance report showed that Tesla twisted a corner because there was a flood of bottlenecks and hangups, as it accelerated the production of model 3.

Musk promised summer 2017 that the company would be released 5000 cars a week at the end of last year. It did not happen. Meanwhile, the company met grieves from investors, and the Tesla share took a wreck of a number of other scandals.

The company said in its statement on Friday that it was “transparent about how difficult” Model 3 production would be, “explains openly that we could only go as our least successful or least successful supplier, and that we came into the “production hell.” “

” While Tesla is criticized when it is delayed to reach a goal, it should not be forgotten that Tesla has achieved many goals that most doubted. “

Tesla finally struck its production target for model 3 in June this year, about six months later.

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