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“Teen Mom” ​​star Jenelle Evans man David Eason doubles down on confederate flag support

"Jenelle Evans man, David Eason," Teen Mom "doubles down on his support of the Confederate Flag, despite receiving backlash over…

“Jenelle Evans man, David Eason,” Teen Mom “doubles down on his support of the Confederate Flag, despite receiving backlash over a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago.

On Sunday, Eason released pictures and Eason, 30, described the first of the pictures with a defense of the controversial flag and a promise to visit several states with it. flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel. “

According to Us Weekly, Evans, 26, supported his husband in the comments by encouraging him to share more of his trip with the flag and said,” Lmao, you need to upload that video. “[19659003] Shortly thereafter, a video where Eason can be seen dragging in the flag on the edge of a cliff while a woman, probably Jenelle, laughs and talks with him.

The outlet reports that Eason responded to opponents in the commentary of the post claiming that he does not believe that the flag represents racism, but rather pride in his legacy.

“It’s only where I’m from my legacy,” he wrote. “Type like when people fly a flag representing their state because it is where they come from. “

He continued:” If anyone thinks it’s related to racism or slaves, they’re not thinking enough. More racist people fly the beloved American flag, which was the flag flying the American slave ships … No reason there? “

As previously reported, Eason took some serious backlashes in late October after adding another photo of himself draped in the Confederate flag.

” Where I am from is who I am and my family fought and died for this country. Red white and blue come in more than one pattern, “he wrote in the caption of that photo.” Do not argue just leave my side if you do not agree! Thanks @rednecknation. “

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