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“Taliban’s father” Samiul Haq’s killing – What’s the big deal? “class =” imgopcity “/> Rawalpindi, Sandwich, Deobandi, Taliban, Sushant Sareen, Area” class = “imgopcity” /> Source: YouTube The murder of Rawalpindi by Maulana Samiul Haq, also known as Mullah Sandwich for its massage preference, is likely to be significant in its irrelevance. It is not yet clear whether his death was a murder or a murder. In both cases, it will probably not prove to be a soil degradation. The shock value of his death is only reinforced by the fact that it has come at a time when Pakistan is in Islamist mob strings that run crazy and puts the Islamic state to its knees. Maybe if this death happened at another time, it would not have caused more than a few ripples. Politically, Samiul Haq was a consumed force. Within the Deobandi movement, when he followed, his faction of Jamiat Ulema Islam had been outclassed, outnumbered and outmaneuvered by the fraction led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman. He got a little pull after Imran Khan tried to build him as a counter force to Fazlur Rehman in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Imran Kans party government in KP not only pumped money into Samiul Haq’s madarsa but also adapted to him in the 2018 election. But this alliance was a bit of a side view. ” In addition, Samiul Haq, chief of ISI, created the Difa-e-Pakistan Council. This is a virtual rogue gallery of jihadist groups that had been brought together by ISI to serve as a print group. The follow-up to the DPC gatherings aimed not only to convince, frighten or deter the United States and other Western countries from pushing Pakistan too hard against terrorism, but also against the political government not to do anything contrary to “national consensus” (as defined by the Islamists and their protector Pakistani army) in India. Samiul Haq – Taliban’s father? Samiul Haq had been fame as “Taliban’s father.” But it was a bit of a stretch. At best he was one of Taliban’s many illegal feet or godfathers. To the extent that the Taliban Movement is a Pakistani product that has been manufactured in its food sausage and then exported to – nay, allowed and charged – Afghanista n, Samiul Haq gave the moniker he was wearing as a reminder. But his influence, even more control over the Taliban, has been somewhat exaggerated. Many of the first generation of Taliban had come out of Darul Uloom Haqqania in Akora Khattak, which had been set up by Samiul Haq’s father. Their barbarism and medievalism aside were these guys old schools in the sense that they had been imbibed and followed the old traditions of respect and respect for their ustad (teachers).

ustad usually put on a high pedestal and in this context, Samiul Haq probably had no influence on the older…

ustad usually put on a high pedestal and in this context, Samiul Haq probably had no influence on the older mass of the Taliban. But even this influence was limited. It was not as if he could dictate and control, much less controlling them. If anything, he was used more by the Taliban – both …

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