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Take-Two Interactive “Abandons” Agent – PSX Extreme

November 24, 2018 Technology 3 Views November 24, 2018 Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger Rockstars property, Agent, has been abandoned by Take-Two; Rockstar…

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November 24, 2018 Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

Rockstars property, Agent, has been abandoned by Take-Two; Rockstar Parent Company. In 2007, Sony noted that Rockstar was in the process of creating a PS3 exclusive. This message came with nothing but the statement. Lastly officially mutated during E3 2009, a logo, title and synopsis were revealed. These few releasing details were the only indication of its existence. Now it seems that the game will probably never see its place in the spotlight, as the Agent’s patent has left the hands of Rockstar and Take-Two.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent for Agent has been abandoned and Take-Two has left the date of replacement without requesting the patent extension.

Abandoned since no usage notice or extension request was submitted early after the additional fee was issued. To view all documents in this file, click the Trademark Document Download link at the top of this page.

In the 1970s, they tried to shoot the front of the front. Agent put in the building blocks in a good game, topped with a profitable developer who at that time was not much planned to release 2007. Rockstar’s only game released that year was Manhunt 2.

Bounce occurred when Agent’s patent was renewed by Take- Two that seem to have nowhere around E3 2016. These spread rumors claim that Take-Two should announce Agent, but it never happened. With this news, Rockstar or Take-Two is unlikely to bring the agent back from the dead.

How does it make you feel? Are you sorry to see that it’s unlikely we will see Agent or do not bother you?

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