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Take-Two Has Abandoned Agent Trademark

November 25, 2018 Technology 0 Views Take-Two teased a stealth spy game called Agent as far back as 2007, but…

Take-Two teased a stealth spy game called Agent as far back as 2007, but after multiple delays and only the faintest hint of updates over the last decade it appeared the project was dead.

A status update to the trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office marks the trademark as abandoned as of November 19, 2018. The status field states plainly, “Abandoned because no statement of use or extension request was timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.”

So after being alerted to the expiration, Take-Two chose to quietly let it go. Det er så sterkt en indikasjon som vi har sett at spillet er virkelig gått. Det kan imidlertid også være at Take-Two planlegger å rebrand med en annen navn, eller implementere noen av sine stealth-spy mekanikker andre steder.

Agent was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and the company was grooming it to be its next Grand Theft Auto . This was before Red Dead Redemption released in 201

0 and became Take-Two’s other top-tier open world franchise. The company renewed its trademark in 2013 and again in 2014, and we have a fresh look at it in 2015. Since then, it had gone so quiet that we assumed we will never play it.

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