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Take an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 for just $ 500

Sarah Tew / CNETCheap things come to those who wait. It's likely to end up on my gravestone, I've said…

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Sarah Tew / CNET

Cheap things come to those who wait. It’s likely to end up on my gravestone, I’ve said so often, but it’s true. Case of the case: Samsung’s current genre, the Galaxy S9, made its debut earlier this year at a starting price of $ 720.

For a limited time and when consumption ends, Never-msrp (via eBay) factory-locked Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) GSM phone for $ 499.99 is delivered . It’s new, by the way, not renovated &#821

1; even if your only color option is purple.

See it on eBay

Note: Something like this is likely to sell out quickly. If so, you can be sure that you will see similar S9 deals in the future.

Take another note: If you’re looking for super-cheap service to go with S9, check today’s 9 of CNET 10 days of promotions: Today you can get a phenomenal price of a year with Red Pocket Mobile service .

There’s not much I can say about S9 you probably do not already know, but for a deep diving in the phone’s pros and cons, look beyond CNET’s Galaxy S9 review .

See also how to compare the S9 with iPhone X (still selling for $ 1000 ahem). Keep in mind, the former is limited to GSM carriers – which in the United States means AT & T and T-Mobile (and their various offshoots, such as Cricket and Mint Mobile).

Finally there will be Black

Bonus Agreement: Best Buy isn & # 39; t waiting for black friday to put some things for sale on black Friday prices. For example, right now you can do LG UK6090PUA 65-inch 4K HDR Smart TV for just $ 599.99 delivered (plus tax). It usually costs 200 kronor.

See it at Best Buy

This model seems quite new, because CNET has not reviewed it and there are no best customer reviews. But it seems like ticking all the boxes, and many LG TVs have done very well in CNET reviews.

Sometimes it sliced, this is a great price on a big big screen. Of course there are also other good Black Friday TV offers to have had as well. Decision, decision!

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