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Take advantage of the curved screen of the Galaxy S9 or S8 with this energy bar


There is no doubt that one of the biggest attractions of the range of Samsung’s tops is undoubtedly the screen with the curved side edges. A curve that besides being beautiful, has interesting utilities. Today we tell you how to take advantage of Curved screen of the Galaxy S9 or S8 with this energy bar.

Another of the tricks that we have told you a few days ago about the Samsung Galaxy S9 It has to do with slow motion, one of its great novelties, that we can now use without any kind of limitation, here you can know how.

Provides additional use to the curved screen of the Galaxy S9 or S8

As we say the curved screen of Samsung’s high-end phones is an almost unique element in the mobile telephony market , few models have it, and in the case of Samsung, it is also very much taken advantage of with its native apps and special functions. But the wealth of Android is that there is always someone willing to give more functionality to mobile, and is the case of the app that we bring you today, and we can find freely in the Google Play Store.

Take advantage of the curved screen of the Galaxy S9 or S8 with this energy bar

This app basically add an energy bar to the top of our mobile , whatever it is, that we can also customize to our liking with infinite colors. Now this app that as we say is available for any phone, has a special edition for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8 , as well as its variants Plus, which takes advantage of the curve of the screen of both mobiles. In this way the app what it does is bring the energy bar from the top right of the screen, to the left curve of it, describing the curve of the screen, worth the redundancy, to inform us of the remaining battery level.

Undoubtedly this bar when it is on the screen gives the terminal an aspect even more groundbreaking than the one it usually has with its curved panel, since this line increases the rounded shapes of this side of the terminal . The same developer has another app specific to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which also offers the same functionality, although for some reason we do not know, it does have a cost, little, but it does. Just install the app to quickly configure this energy bar that will alert us that we have no more battery when the curve line disappears.