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T-Mobile starts rolling out SHAKEN / STIR Spam-Fighting Tech

January 11, 2019 Technology 0 Views Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty) As recently reported industry reports show that almost half of…

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

As recently reported industry reports show that almost half of US calls this year can be fraud, so it is finally a glimpse of hope. A large operator has started distributing one of the most effective tools to fight the plague for illegal calls, but so far it only works on a single phone model.

T-Mobile today announced that it is releasing a new system for verification calls. If a T-Mobile user calls someone else using T-Mobile on a supported device, the recipient will see a message called “Caller Verified”. Currently, only Galaxy Note 9 phones will have this call control technology through a new software update on the phone. The company says that more phones will be able to use this service later this year.

It is a step towards people being able to know if a nice conversation comes from a real person with their real number, not a space hole Spammer.

The company is among the first carriers to carry out the so-called Signature-Based Handling of Asserted Information using toKEN and STIR (Secure Phone Identity Revisited) technology that essentially provides phones with some kind of digital authentication. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai demanded on November 5 that all airlines begin implementing the technology. Several major operators later responded that month and showed how close they would roll out the services.

At the time of the applications, T-Mobile seemed to be among the most prepared to adopt SHAKEN / STIR. When other carriers adopt this technique, it need not only be a service that only favors a subset of T-Mobile users when receiving calls from other T-Mobile users. It can work across all networks.

Here Sprint, Verizon and AT & T hope to move quickly to catch up.

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