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Symptoms of colon cancer

When we talk about colon cancer, we refer to the appearance of tumors in the different parts of the lining…

When we talk about colon cancer, we refer to the appearance of tumors in the different parts of the lining of the large intestine. Detecting the symptoms of colon cancer early can be a diagnosis very favorable

Although in some cases there may be no symptoms or some people may confuse them with normal problems, for example diarrhea, It is necessary that we pay attention to our colon.

According to statistics, colorectal cancer is the third type of cancer diagnosed more frequently Both men and women. Therefore, it is important to address the symptoms of colon cancer. Let’s see what they are.

Changes in evacuation habits

Symptoms of colon cancer

To detect colon cancer It is important that we pay attention to our evacuation habits. Well one of the symptoms of colon cancer can be diarrhea or constipation.

That is why it is necessary do not rule out the idea of ​​going to the doctor if we are constipated people and, suddenly, our stools become softer, until almost become our diarrhea stools. In the same way, if we suffer from diarrhea with assiduity, it is fundamental to have a check-up with the doctor if our stools become hard and we tend to constipation.

Similarly, there is a very important point that we have to take into account and is that one of the most notorious symptoms of colon cancer and that we should not overlook is the Feeling that you need to defecate even after doing it.

If we evacuate, but continue to have the urge to defecate, it is considered one of the symptoms of colon cancer that can be overlooked.

Abdominal pain or cramping

While it is important to pay attention to our evacuation habits, it is also if we suddenly begin to notice that we have a lot of gas or that we get abdominal cramps relatively often.

You have to discover if it is a new food in the diet or an unbalanced diet that is causing problems in the large intestine or if this corresponds to one of the symptoms of colon cancer.

It is necessary alert that if our evacuation habits have changed to softer stools, Even diarrhea, we may associate this with those cramps or abdominal pains that we are suffering. However, if this persists over time, it is better to go to the doctor.

Blood in the stool, the most obvious

Symptoms of colon cancer

Symptoms of colon cancer

As in the previous case, many people who are constipated or who have gone from making soft stools to harder may believe that the blood in their stools is due to this. Nevertheless, we have to differentiate between a slight bleeding and another more noticeable one.

When the Bleeding in the stool is due to constipation. This is called rectal bleeding . It is a mild bleeding, scarce and, usually, caused due to hemorrhoids or fistulas that originate due to the effort made at the time of defecation.

However, when the blood in the stool is the cause of the symptoms of colon cancer this will be more noticeable, very red, sometimes bright and, at other times, very dark.

Weight loss without reason

Symptoms of colon cancer

Symptoms of colon cancer

Losing weight can be very good news, but if this happens without apparent reasons, without modifying our diet or introducing new exercise habits, we must pay attention. Normally, if this is one of the symptoms of colon cancer It will be accompanied by another symptomatology.

For example, in addition to losing weight we can feel a weakness and fatigue even after sleeping all right. This may be associated with that weight loss, however, let’s see what else may appear.

Besides all this we can suffer from nausea and vomiting for no reason neither. This, perhaps, is present in the mornings so we can also associate it with the discomfort that some people suffer when getting up or having the “stomach closed”.

If you have any of these symptoms, but you also have more than 50 years and a family history of colon cancer, do not discard going to the doctor to check that everything is fine. From that age, the risk of developing this type of cancer increases, especially if there is a history in the family.

An early diagnosis is important, since the sooner it is detected the more chances there are to cure it. Remember to always see your doctor if you notice that something is not going well or that there is a change in your stools or evacuation habits.

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