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Symphony of the Seas arrives in Miami

November 10, 2018 Business 2 Views ByMarex201 8-11-10 17:10:48 Royal Caribbean s Symphony of the Seas Arrived at its new…




8-11-10 17:10:48

Royal Caribbean s Symphony of the Seas Arrived at its new home at Terminal A in Miami on Friday.

The official name of the Symphony of the Seas will take place on November 15, 2018, during a celebration celebrating the ship’s divorced godfather and eager royal Caribbean fans Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, together with his grandson’s son Ocean.

The 25th ship in the Royal Caribbean Fleet, Symphony of the Lakes comprises 228,081 gross registered tonnes, measuring 238 feet long and extending over 1,188 feet. The vessel consists of 500,000 individual parts, and she has 18 tires (16 guest tires). She has capacity for 6,680 guests with 2,759 staterooms, including 188 suites; and 28 more balcony staterooms than Harmony of the Seas . She has 2 200 crews from 77 countries.

Symphony of the Seas has 5 189 restaurants places of 22 restaurants. On an average seagoing cruise on an Oasis Class ship like Symphony of the Seas 5,000 dozen fresh eggs, 100 gallon chocolate glasses, 450 cases of champagne, 2 100 pounds lobster tail and 2,500 pounds fresh salmon used on board. 1,500 pounds of coffee is made on an average seafront cruise, equivalent to six million coffee beans.

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