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Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood Review – Drac's Back, Baby!

October 29, 2018 Technology 3 Views [embedded content] For years, it seemed almost as if we would never see the…

For years, it seemed almost as if we would never see the classic side of Konami again. The company was heavily invested in its pachinko business, and it was quite insulting that the other new Metal Gear and Silent Hill games that we would see from the company would be in that category in the place for completed sequelers. But it is lighted a little and has begun returning to some of the classics who have given that resurrection in the first place.

And it includes Castlevania . Last month, the surprising message made that there were two of their old school favorites for Requiem a collection that celebrates the legacy even though it did not cover all games from it. And I’m happy to report that Konami has treated the two titles with dignity and respect for the most. Now, the real question is whether we will see this trend go on because I would totally pay good money to see a Castlevania Requiem: Castlevania Bloodlines and Super Castlevania IV at some point.

The first remarkable title in this collection is Rondo of Blood or known to some on these beaches as Dracula X . This is not the Super Nintendo version that was modified from the original, but rather the original that was debuted abroad on the TurboGrafx CD platform. And I’m all happier for it, because this game did not get a chance at our beaches in the beginning. (The latter turned out to be a title on the Wii Virtual Console, and now.)

Slide 1 of 4 A package to be proud of if multiple games would have been nice [19659007] Castlevania “title =” Castlevania “height =” 374 “width =” 665 “class =” 40 “data-item =” 1141425 “/>

The game includes a young Belmont who takes on Dracula Grim Reaper, all kind of ghoulish demons, and even a dragon at one point. He has his reliable whip alongside other big weapons, including the ever helpful boomerang that can hurt both that they are first thrown and returned (it’s practically iconic at this time.) It’s still as good as the original game was, even with very small hitches with its emulation. It looks good for its age, at least.

The second game is probably the most remarkable for some Castlevania [1 9459008] fans, as it is the legendary Nymphoni . O SOTN has become a major chapter in the “Metroidvania” genre, which lets you explore in a side-scrolling environment and find new surprises when you take on managers.

But instead of a traditional Belmont (well, save for the opening sequence), instead, check Alucard, the son of Dracula. He is tired of his father’s antics (“I’ve come to an end of this”) and utilizes his abilities to fight evil forces. Konami did a great job with the translation of this game, as it is moderately good.

Slide 2 of 4 Small changes but the games Still Rock

 Castlevania 2 "title =" Castlevania 2 "height =" 374 "width =" 665 "class =" 40 " data-item = "1141426" /> </figure> <p> Yet, it's not perfect. The emulation has been awesomely handled by Konami's crew, there is a classic dialogue from the original <i> SOTN </i> between Belmont and Dracula, nowhere to find (including such jewels as "Die, monster, you do not belong to this world!"), instead replaced by the dialogue from the PSP version. It's not bad, at least, but those who expect to shout "WHAT IS A </p> <p> Outside the small changes here and there, both <i> Rondo of Blood </i> and <i> Symphony of the Night </i> act as charmers. There is still something incredible fun to roaming the halls through <i> Symphony </i> and find secrets you remember long ago. And <i> Rondo </i> is simply vintage <i> Castlevania </i> at its best, with an epic music score and the elementary school's visual to match. </p><div><script async src=

Emulation is really well done here, with both games out better than ever (even in 4K – although some pixels obviously stand out) and beautiful soundtracks for each game, especially SOTN .

Slide 3 of 4 Good price overall but we want more

 Castlevania 3 "title =" Castlevania 3 "height =" 374 "width =" 665 "class = "40" data item = "1141427" /> </figure> <p> and the options are also good here. To suit you or stretch the game screen over the screen if you prefer to go so. (You'll see even more pixels tho, just a warning.) In addition, there are some good alternatives to tinker with., I did not think the games included the Japanese Dialogue originally promised. But then someone pointed out where to find it (in the <i> main menu </i> not the game menus) and that makes the game so much more authentic. The Japanese vocalist who gives Dracula a little gusto in <i> SOTN </i> is so cool to hear. (Although he does not say "What's a man?".) </p> <p> Also The same Dracula voice actor can also be heard in <em> Castlevania </em> Netflix seri a second season. Excuse us while we listen … </p> <p> <i> Castlevania Requiem </i> also has a good value to cost just $ 20. Considering that a complete copy of <i> SOTN </i> (the non-Platinum Hits version thinks of you) goes for a pretty penny, and <i> Rondo of Blood </i> goes <i> a lot </i> higher than that it is a convenient find. But this is one of those events where I would have liked to have seen more games. Also <i> Dracula X Chronicles </i> who came out for PSP years ago, came with a remixed version of <i> Rondo </i>. Why did not we get this? </p> <p> Hopefully, this is just the beginning of celebrating this franchise's heritage. The website that the company put together with <i> Requiem </i> seems to suggest, and I would like to see more items that celebrate all things <i> Castlevania </i>. Hell, I'm also taking one that celebrates the Nintendo 64 games, just because they are so fun in a cheese-like way. </p> <p><svg role=

Slide 4 or 4 Whip It Good

Requiem to be a hell of a review. 19659002] Oh, and when we return to classics, we are not because of a Contra compilation? Red Falcon will not end himself, you know.

[1 9459031] WWG’s Score: 4 of 5.

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