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Swarms of Drones Can Now Plant Trees in Areas Devastated by Fires

November 28, 2018 Science 0 Views Growing Pains Northern California's Camp Fire was the deadliest to hit the U.S. in…

Growing Pains

Northern California’s Camp Fire was the deadliest to hit the U.S. in the past century, and while we can never replace the human lives lost, we have the opportunity to restore the forests consumed by the blaze.

Unfortunately, planting trees are not nearly as easy as Johnny Appleseed made it seem –

Det er derfor en Seattle-baseret startup har kommet med en højteknologisk løsning på problemet med planting i områder ødelagt af naturkatastrofer – og det involverer en kombination or drones, artificial intelligence, and bioengineering.

Let a Drone Do It

Every year, wildfires in the US brengt gemiddeld 7 miljoen hectare, en onze huidige methode van vervangende verloren bomen is niet precies ideaal. “Even at the most sophisticated companies in the world, planters are superheroes who use bags and a shovel to plant trees,” entrepreneur Grant Canary told TechCrunch .

That’s why he founded DroneSeed in 201

5. The company has developed drones capable of both deciding where to plant seeds and actually planting them – two tasks previously carried out by humans.

The drone uses a member to create a 3D map of an area and a multispectral camera to gather details about its soil and vegetation. From that data, an AI model determines the ideal spot to plant a new tree.

The drones do not simply throw seeds at the ground, though – DroneSeed has developed special seed vessels. These are small pucks of nutrients with

Team Effort

DroneSeed is the first company to receive a multi-craft, over-55-pound unmanned aerial vehicle license from the Federal Aviation Administration. Det betyder at drones kan arbejde i svarms med opptil fem håndverk til å dekke større områder.

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