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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's New Adventure Mode The World of Light Revealed

If it was not clear enough to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch would be the largest series in the…

If it was not clear enough to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch would be the largest series in the series, so the latest Nintendo Direct exhibition featured the new game modes and massive roster the most comprehensive look of the game yet. In addition to the new Spirits game experience, we finally saw the game’s new story mode, which aims to merge everything that Ultimate offers. In this new adventure Lighted World, players will explore a great world to save friends and enemies from both mysterious corruption.

During the final Direct trailer, we saw the entire series of 75 fighters who prepared to face a new threat. But it’s not good for our heroes, and every character is overtaken by the new enemy &#821

1; all but Kirby. After recovering from the chaos, the single survivor sets himself to find his allies and cure them of his newfound corruption, constantly gathering the spirit of many supporting characters and friends who will help him in battle.

From the trailer World of Light looks very like a board game, a la Mario Party. But it eventually expands to a wider adventure where you will see new sights and face evil versions of popular characters. Many of these battles also introduce some strange conditions, which address over-sized versions of fighters. These situations will make commitment a little more challenging, which will gradually escalate to more intense fighting.

Although similar to the Subspace Emissary mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and adventure mode from Smash Bros on 3DS, World of Light also features the new Spirits gameplay – support characters that offer buffs and other attributes to your main fighter. During the trip you will cross country, sea and even the depths of outer space to fight and collect new spirits and struggle to play that. It definitely aims to showcase many different sites and references to several previous Nintendo games, including Kid Icarus, Star Fox, and even the Pokemon series.

During the expanded Nintendo Direct, we also saw the debut of forthcoming fighters including Incineroar, Ken – Ryu’s eko character – and surprise the appearance of Piranha Plant, which will be the first after launch fighter. In addition, Direct also offered a summary of how online battles will work, including access to elite fighters for the more skilled players, and along with a new companion game for the game called Smash World. If you had any concerns that Nintendo’s future fighter would be an update of the previous game, this Direct would definitely make you calm.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set for launch on December 7th for Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more about the game, including how the online feature works, who Incineroar is and what the upcoming DLC ​​season will offer, check out our other articles we have on GameSpot.

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