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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest videos have fans become crazy and release the presence of new unannounced characters

October 27, 2018 Technology 0 Views Smash fandom, you've gone too far. [19659016] Man, if you believed Metal Gear fans…

Smash fandom, you’ve gone too far. [19659016] Man, if you believed Metal Gear fans were crazy, you’ve never come across Super Smash Bros. fans who literally break down a single pixel from each angle to try to analyze which hidden meanings can be masked inside it.

On the heels of the most recent alleged leak for the game, which apparently dropped the presence of no fewer than seven unannounced characters for the massive crossover fighter, we now have Smash fans obsessively trying to analyze another source to determine the occurrence of an unannounced character Nintendo and the American fast food chain Wendy s are currently doing a Smash College Tour campaign-wide gig and a new video published by Nintendo for this has obviously been shown by an object that corresponds to a character not yet announced to the game. The time stamp for this is 0:27, when Ness and Captain Falcon are fighting &#821

1; in the right hand corner you can see a new item that does not seem to fit any existing known objects.

Fans have ended, in its infinite madness, that this object is growth, synergy spell from the series Golden Sun . Going from there, they have made the hope that this can only mean that Isaac from that series will be in the game (do not think that many franchises get items or stages in Smash without getting a sign in it). Given that Isaac was one for the signs that leaked into the second leak mentioned earlier, it has led to a kind of … feeding phase among them.

Perhaps this is real. Or maybe it’s just a confirmation, and people see what they want to see. I’ll let you decide. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

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