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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the switch: All you need to know

Welcome aboard, Ken. CNET screenshot Every Smash Bros. character goes on Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to…


Welcome aboard, Ken.

CNET screenshot

Every Smash Bros. character goes on Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to the stores on December 7th. Player director Masahrio Sakurai went to the fans through the final Prerelease Nintendo Direct showing the last playable characters, a new Spirits mode and a more detailed look at the game’s online features.

So far, it looks like Smash Bros. Ultimate lives up to its name. The game has all the Smash Bros characters yet (and new additions like Castlevania’s Simon Belmont and yes, a Piranha Plant), more than 100 stages, more than 800 music tracks and countless other extensions to the long-term franchise. And our native Smash Bros competent expert has given it a preliminary thumb up after taking an early hands-on with the game .

Here’s everything we know so far as to be the easiest expected game for Nintendo Switch, from new characters, online modes, Spirits to Nintendo DLC plans. Or, if you’re new to the concept of Smash Bros., Nintendo has an exhaustive explainer video that breaks down everything from how the game works, to what’s new with Ultimate, as you can see below:

What’s Smash Bros. and why are all freaking out?

Since Nintendo 64, each Nintendo console has a game where the beloved (or obscure) Nintendo characters make each other meaningless. What ended up being one of the smartest moves in its game development history, Nintendo’s decision resulted in a less technical battle game in tens of millions of sales. Seriously, Wii Smash Bros. sold. alone more than 13 million copies.

If you strengthen a competitive community or mark characters in addition to Nintendo’s well-known stable (Solid Snake, we look at you) have Smash Bros. been a series that both casual players and Nintendo’s believers can both enjoy. Especially since GameCube’s Super Smash Bros. Melee, the series has taken a number of left turns and included lots of unexpected characters, giving even more excitement.

Although the fans do not agree on any of the decisions that Sakurai has made, they are always back for more at the moment he announces a new Smash Bros. And considering the success of the Switch among both crowds it is easy to see why the last record has already given so much excitement.

When is Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out?

The original trailer could not have been more clear when Nintendo will launch the latest title in the series to arrive. And on the E3, Nintendo delivered: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be in stores on December 7th.

 screen shot-2018-05-29-at-9-59-22-pm [19659014] screen shot-2018/05/29-at-9-59-22-pm [19659015] Nintendo

What playable characters will be in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The best answer to that question is simple: all of them. On the E3, Sakurai revealed that every single fighter who has been in a Super Smash Bros. game will be featured in Smash Bros. Ultimate. It includes DLC fighters like Bayonetta, Cloud and Ryu, along with returning favorites like Solid Snake.

In the final Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros., the full roster of 74 characters was revealed, with Street Fighter’s Ken and Pokemon Inciniroar showcases as the last two additions to the bass game.

Each old character also becomes bigger or smaller tweaks to their way of life, attributes or game styles. Here are some, but not all changes that come to established characters:

  • Mario has no new moves based on the Super Mario Odyssey, but he will wear Cappy, which can be seen in some special moves.
  • Link is based on his Breath of the Wild Iteration, with its special features and weapons updated to reflect the Switch input.
  • Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch and other strong attacks will trigger a slow-motion effect in 1 vs 1 fight. 19659021] Zelda’s new look is based on the 3DS title A Link Between Worlds, with a new Final Smash to boot.
  • Final Smashes on the whole has tweaked to become faster and more cinematic.
  • Cloud Limit Break, Robin’s Limited Use and Other Character-Specific Abilities will have clear views at the bottom of the screen to get their insight into their status.
  • Pokemon Trainer can switch between Pokemon in the will, through midair, with an alternative suit for a female coach

 screen-shot-20. 18-08-08-at-7-01-02-am [19659028] screen-shot-2018-08 -08-at-7-01-02-am ” height=”0″ width=”970″/>

Simon Belmont, the wildlife hunter in Castlevania, has an echo , Richter Belmont.

Nintendo / Screenshot of Morgan Little / CNET

Some new and existing characters join Smash Bros. like echo characters. Echo characters are tweaked versions of characters that are not entirely distinctive for their own separate motion set.

For example, Daisy is an echo version of peach. But with newly discovered Echo characters like Dark Samus, Chrom and Richter, it seems that Nintendo does more than just replace character and tweaking animations. Dark Samus looks special, and Chrom seems to borrow moving from multiple Fire Emblem characters.

And no, we did not forget King K. Rool. After many years of fans, Donkey King’s antagonist is finally at his Smash debut.

Is that it? 74 does not seem like all possible signs

Firstly, you put your expectations very high up. Secondly, you will be pleased to know that Nintendo has revealed its DLC plans for Smash Bros. Ultimate. After the game is launched, five new fighters will be added to roster. Each fighter comes with a new stage and music for $ 5.99 pieces. The first set of DLC fighters is also available as a bundle for $ 24.99.

 Smash-Bros-Fighters Pass

 Smash-Bros-Fighters Pass

CNET Screenshot

And in a surprising announcement, another fighter comes into the box after the game’s launch for free – as long as you buy the game before January 31, 2019. And that sign is … a Piranha Plant? 19659040] screen-shot-2018-11-01-at-7-35-18-am “height =” 0 “width =” 970 “data-original =” = / 970×0 / 2018/11 / 01 / 23fba3c4-e16b-4ae7-9456-13800e5f6d31 / screen-shot-2018/11/01-at-7-35-18-am.png “/> [19659041] screen shot -2018-11-01-at-7-35-18-am ” height=”0″ width=”970″/>

If Sakurai does something good, it keeps Smash Bros.’s fans surprised.

Nintendo / Screenshot of CNET

The Piranha factory is currently being developed by Nintendo, but Sakurai warned that the work with other forthcoming fighters has not yet begun, and it may be months before additional DLC characters are released.

What is Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Scene Situation?

Like its giant roster, Ultimate’s bounty of stages encapsulates the entire franchise, with some new additions. The previous input in the series shared exclusive scenes between the Wii U and 3DS versions, but the theme of Ultimate, they all come with a week. Right now, the total number of steps is a huge 103.



Nintendo / Screenshot of Morgan Little / CNET

But according to Sakurai, if you take into account all variations in stages and treat them clearly, there are more than 300 stages in the Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Each step will get an Omega shape that simplifies the scene and eliminate risks and interactive elements to be more friendly to players who want to minimize random elements. Omega forms were first introduced in Smash Bros on Wii U and 3Ds, and Ultimate stages will get omega shapes that mimic both the flat final destination and the platform-filled battlefield. And regardless of the two switches, there are separate options to eliminate only one scene’s dangers.

During the latest Direct Sakurai showed a whole new stage feature that allows players to choose two steps before the match. In the middle of the game, the scene will morph from one to the other, which requires you to adapt to the new environment.

And thank you, this wild number of stages requires no unlock: Each step and variant will be available from the moment you start the game.

What music will be available when I pummel my friends?

One of the Smash Bros. Series most subtle elements is its soundtrack. Earlier entires have featured an almost endless variety of loved themes songs, both original and re-registered, from series represented in the game. A quick look at the giant list of tracks included in the Smash Bros. Wii U reveals the wide range of music included in the franchise.

During August Direct Sakurai revealed more details about Smash’s exaggerated soundtrack. We let the number of tracks speak for themselves:

 smash-bros ultimate tracks

<img src = “×0/2018/08/10/ 47973281-411a-4ecf-889f-071941223e0b / smash-bros-ultimate-tracks.png “class =” “alt =” crush-bros-ultimate tracks [19659029] Whoa. [19659003] Nintendo / Screenshot of Morgan Little / CNET

Songs from all of Nintendo’s entire story and other non-Nintendo games with Smash participants like Mega Man and Castlevania will all have exhaustive song libraries to deduct. And for the first time, songs are not bound to stages. Instead, the steps will be the default for selecting tracks based on the franchise that the scene is associated with. And if you want to create your own custom soundtrack or listen to F-Zero while on a Kirby stage, do not worry. It’s all customizable.



Nintendo / Screenshot of Morgan Little / CNET

You can already enter remastered tracks that are part of Smash Bros. Ultimate, starting with the main theme, via the official Smash Bros. website. We do not have a complete track list yet, and given how many songs are included, it’s an entry on our own when we do.

What new modes are coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate?

 screen shot-2018-11-01-at-7-40-11-am [19659068] screen shot-2018-11-01-at-7-40-11-am ” height=”0″ width=”970″/>

Kirby is the one last survivor in the world of light.

Nintendo / Screenshot of CNET

After months of fan speculation, we finally know all the game modes that come to Smash Bros. And yes there is a single player adventure. Series Wii Mail, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, contained a surprisingly long history-driven adventure game titled “The Subspace Emissary.” That situation created a legitimate story, though compelled and confused, for signs of so many franchisors that they went together or fought against each other. Fans who have been waiting for a follow-up for several years and their patience have been paid.

With “World of Light”, the game will place you as a rotating series of characters when they try to fight a device that has made a crazy amount of video game characters to Sprit (more about later). From the early preview, it appears that you can explore a large map and participate in battles with special conditions.

And then there’s a film to the World of Light, which must be seen as a smash-bros spirit ” height=”0″ width=”970″ data-original=”×0/2018/11/01/56ff06c6-0663-42f9-976a-f1b461e69967/screen-shot-2018-11-01-at-7-10-14-am.png”/>

 smash-bros spirit

The issues will be complicated.

CNET screenshot

Then there is Spirits mode. The Sakurai statement took a lot of time during November Nintendo Direct, but here are the basics:

  • Characters, whether playable or not, may be collecting Spirits.
  • These spirits, while in Second Mode, can be assigned your character of the choice. Sub-Spirits can also be assigned to choose Spirits. There is a complete ranking system for these spirits based on their strength and rarity.
  • Each of these Spirits gives special abilities and bonuses to your character, and as they gain experience through fighting, exercising or feeding Spirit … food. .. the power they add to your character builds.
  • Spirits are not added to each game mode if you do not want them to be. You can fight friends, in Spirit Mode Challenges and so on, but they will not be put on for your matchmaking online games, for example.



If you have a favorite obscene Nintendo character, the chance is that they are a duck.

CNET screenshot

And back during August Nintendo Direct, we learned a lot more about other specific Smash modes.

  • Eight player fights return, and they are now compatible with each map.
  • Squad Strike is a 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 team games where you choose a slate of characters and go through each in a series of battles.
  • Tournament mode is back, the game automatically creates parentheses after selecting the player count.
  • Smashdown, a new mode, has players go through the entire raster in a series of fights. When a character is used once, they can not be used again.
  • Training mode becomes a significant refurbishment, with its own focus focused entirely on analyzing data characters, from the reach of specific attacks to launch launches at low

smash bros online “height =” 0 “width =” 970 ” original data-= “×0/2018/11/01/19b12e86-0095-4d5b-b732-65a71c631adb/screen-shot-2018-11-01-at- 7-20-01-am.png “/>


California will get used to playing other California.

CNET screenshot

Nintendo is loading for online multiplayer for the first time to see an improvement of Smash’s online options. After Nintendo confirmed that the game would contain a number of online features, the full package options were detailed during November Nintendo Direct.

The game no longer divides online players between competitive and non-competitive matchmaking. Instead, three factors are used to determine who you are playing.

Preferred rules that you faced with your matches will help you to pair with other players who want to play layers or times, or want to play with or without items. GSP is your power ranking, which will be used to determine your skill in relation to other Smash players to ensure you play competitive matches. And above all, the matchmaking system will prioritize other players in your region to ensure stability.

You can also participate in private matches with friends, along with the usual suite of tracking recording options, game players will know. [19659006] And if you forgot it existed, Nintendo Switch Mobile App will be your way of communicating with players over voice, because Smash Bros. Ultimate lacks native voice support. Nintendo also launches a separate app, Smash World, for players to share game play between each other.

 smash-world app

 smash-world app

it’s like YouTube, but for Smash Bros. [19659003] CNET screenshot

Originally published May 31st.

Updated, November 1, : Added details of latest Nintendo Direct.

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