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Super Monkey Ball is the new Sega classic for iOS and Android


SEGA has announced the arrival of the classic Super Monkey Ball to iOS and Android . It is not the original game that most of us played in the old consoles of the Japanese firm, but it is an adaptation for mobile phones called Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition and that now reaches the SEGA Forever collection .

The game can now be downloaded for free on Android and the App Store for free, although, as with the other classics present at SEGA forever, you will have to support advertising. However the collection of video games offers a variant of payment, through which you can pay 1.99 euros to get rid of all the ads during the game and enjoy new features in a good compendium of classic titles like Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition.

Super Monkey Ball is the new Sega classic for iOS and Android

Download Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition for Android
Download Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition for iPhone

Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition

The game has missions lived by AiAi, the mascot – not as well known as Sonic or Ulala – of Sega and his friends. Throughout the different challenges presented by the game you must turn, jump, roll and turn again to overcome the more than 100 levels present in the game, divided into 6 worlds of totally differentiated aesthetics. Further, Super Monkey Ball for iOS and Android It has three mini games that can be run with local multiplayer mode.

The main objective of the game is to collect the maximum possible number of bananas during the journey of the character to go gaining life before the time is consumed. At first the games will seem extremely simple, but as soon as you start to overcome levels you will realize how complicated it is to catch all the bananas to reach the end of each world.

In addition to improved graphics and controls adapted to the touch screens of our mobile phones, Super Monkey Ball for iOsSy Android also offers players the ability to save game and play without Internet connection, ideal when we face a long journey by sea air or land.

There are already several classics of SEGA that join the collection SEGA Forever for iOS and Android . Without going any further at the end of last year the company published in Google Play Store and App Store the game Gunstar Heroes , but shortly before the oriental developer launched a classic the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog 2