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Sunset Overdrive review: Ride the rails to Kaboom-town (finally on computers as well)

<img src = "×360.jpg" alt = "Throw traps, shoot guns, slip rails: it's Sunset Overdrive way. "/> Throwing traps, shooting…

<img src = “×360.jpg” alt = “Throw traps, shoot guns, slip rails: it’s Sunset Overdrive way. “/>

Throwing traps, shooting guns, grinding rails: it’s Sunset Overdrive .

Update : There is no shortage of new games in the 2018 season, but we wanted to surprise you with the attention: 2014 Sunset Overdrive a high octane parkourdriven visual stunner. With apparently zero fanfare, a $ 20 PC version arrived yesterday for Windows computers (Steam, Windows Store). Almost all of the original games still apply to this PC version, so enjoy our original review (first run October 29, 201

4) below. The piece seems largely unchanged, but we’ve added some PC-specific thoughts (finally, Sunset in 60fps!) And a gallery from the new release near the end.

Continue moving, keep moving, keep moving. If I stay, the monsters are attacking. If I stop sliding down skins, bouncing off the car heads, or rappelling over zip lines, everything falls together – the music in my head stops playing; the stream stays through my dirt; The fire stops spewing from my channel-taped battle ax.

Welcome to Sunset City, a sunny, lost body of a non-so-futuristic city-center city. The place used to be exceeded by self-snapping hipsters until they chugged a whole new energy drink that made them crazy mutants (we mean literally, as opposed to the figurative vault on a caffeine high). Somehow, “you” (in the form of a relatively robust character creator who sports the dumbest hairstyles known) is avoided to take a veil, and now you have to survive and escape from madness along with the few remaining human survivors.

Unlike all others, you will of course be prepared. When you find powerful weapons, like a freezing jet or a bowling ball starter, you can shoot everything for a remarkable purpose. When you see a building edge, a zip line or other grindable and studible items, you become a lightning-free, super-driven parkour champion.

Convenient to you, Sunset City seems to consist almost of silly weapons and executables, and connects you to a relatively simple and sure-known style of Crackdown -theckent open world video game, commissioned. Go here, blast monsters, go there, find hidden objects, blow more things up, collect reward, wash, rinse, repeat.

Sunset Overdrive has a lot of violence in its service, from its bright, day-glo punk aesthetic to its vulgar, meta-obsessed dialogue; From its hiding, animals mutated to the visually arresting weapons used to distinguish those animals. The game wants to be very badly hit your head with its style, but even the developer Insomniac Games does not hide or fumble because of the stylistic obsession.

Here’s the strange thing: The F bombs and reddit references eventually turn into white noise, and you can guess when a Popper explodes in a nickelodeon-orange gush of ooze for 1000-time – or when the game is still spotting one of its formal mission assignments. But Sunset Overdrive The characteristics of urgency, driven by the need for eternal motion, never disappears. This is extreeeeme open-world video game that puts its money where the wide open mouth is.

As you can imagine, Sunset Overdrive s structure does not emphasize puzzles or other brain platforms, but it’s not as much of a “match” game as you’d expect from Insomniac Games, the most developed known for all weapons-crazy Ratchet and Clank series. Weapons surely play a huge explosive role, but they actually feel surprising formela; Just because the pomegranate launches teddy bears does not mean it’s not just another grenade thrower, and most other weapons offer visual gimmick on a gun you’ve seen before. Instead, the game’s real victory in the traversal-in makes it possible and kicks players on the back to do it the right way.

Your “amps”, a series of unlockable, upgradeable superpowers, only works if you keep a chain of sandals, bouncers, wall races, kills and other maneuvers. The longer the chain is, the more amps will light up at the same time. You need these amplifiers for game battles, but you must also continue to transition. The huge number of enemies you encounter will also happen with acid blowers, machine guns and other firepower that will run your heel bar in the ground if you go as in other games.

Sunset Overdrive requires a lot of movement from its players – and a lot of camera and perspective shift to keep track of the rails. so its weapons have been set to compensate. For the most part, it’s better to get well in combat, it’s less about moving and more about controlling huge crowds under your gravel and jump road, thanks to a mix of auto-targeted machine weapons and big diapers. Put down an acid-spitting trap; pick up a transient swarm with a ricochet-loaded gun that shoots vinyl records; stop a trio of snipers with an ice granate (and then crush them with a melee smash).

To encourage players to season their parkouring and their blasting, Sunset Overdrive also diced out the marks for pretty much every action you make. Grind a railroad? Tray! Wall-run to the rabbit jumps to grenade rolls? There are three brands progress and get you so much closer to new upgrades of weapons, armor and maneuverability. That way, Sunset Overdrive feels a bit more like Tony Hawk than Jet Set Radio at least when it comes to demanding players to get the most out of their move.

The city also conceals about 9,420,768 collector items (give or take), which can be collected for more upgrades. What matters here is more than Crackdown before the Sunset Overdrive crossroads for such collectibles are enhanced with a mix of pleasant, controllable speed and constant and confirmed rewards. 19659016] So far, we do not see anything in the way of noticeable visual problems in the PC version while testing a backup gaming computer (GTX 1060, i7-7700HQ).

  • However, we have only been able to play single players on the computer because the XB1 version multiplayer content has been cut from the computer. A bummer, but we barely touched the Xbox, anyway.

  • Sunset Overdrive at 60fps: yes, finally.

  • These are not my system’s listed resolutions. Keep in mind that you’re not lucky if you expect something in the way of saying widescreen support. But 4K is estimated as an option.

  • You only get two anti-aliasing options, and they are both SMAA. Shame that the porting team here can not at least offer the cheaper TXAA as a built-in option.

  • Standard control bindings, if you go for keyboard and mouse. We suggest moving the F “grind / roll” button to Shift or Ctrl.

  • More standard keyboard bindings. Another suggestion: Put this melee command on a mouse wheel click.

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