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Suddenly scary Saints winning with just average Drew Brees

The quarterbacks in the Sunday match played these lines: Quarterback A: 31-of-41 passes for 359 meters, 2 touchdowns and 1…

The quarterbacks in the Sunday match played these lines:

Quarterback A: 31-of-41 passes for 359 meters, 2 touchdowns and 1 pick

Quarterback B: 18-of-23 passes for 120 meters, 1 touchdown and 1 pick

Would you think that Quarterback A was Kirk Cousins? Would you think that Quarterback B was Drew Brees?

And would you think that the holy waters with brees are kept in control?

It was like New Orleans held by Vikings 30-20. The Saints supported Brees on a rare night when he did not darken 200 fitting turns. Rather, he saw that one of his defenders returned a pick-up 45 yards for one point and to run back Alvin Kamara put another on the ground. Brejar that is connected to Kamara on a shovel passes for a touchdown, for good goals. But most importantly, the Holy March continued to 6-1

in the season, including 4-0 on the way.

“This had a little extra special significance,” said Brees, referring to the sacred last-second loss of the folds during last season’s playoffs.

The cousins ​​made the most costly mistake in the game. The vikings ran 20-13 in the third quarter when P.J. Williams shot a pass on the midfield and ran back for a touchdown. The two-touchdown difference turned out to be too big to overcome.

“I gave up some plays,” Williams said, “but a turnover always turns the game.”

The Saints have more than just Brees. The quarterback finally took one night from breaking record, and his teammates took up the battle. It may be the depth that takes New Orleans even deeper in the final play in January.

London Bridge

It’s not every Sunday as a team flies across the Atlantic, fits the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium and goes out a winner.

But that’s what the eagles – the defending Super Bowl champions, who are now back to .500 this season – reached 24-18 on Sunday.

Now 4-4 in mid-season to play, quarterback Carson Wentz played a hat trick of touchdowns, spelled out a late Jacksonville rally and placed his team for an eight-match performance of Redskins during the regular seasonality.

“Good Way to Finish” Head coach Doug Pederson said. “Things have not really gone during the first half of the season, but it felt good to get this victory today, go into the break with positive thoughts, of course.”

Pederson stopped to let “have to win” Label to win, but with Washington out in the NFC East at 5-2 after a victory against the low giants, he and his players knew they could not afford to losing one day a week coming up and offensive tackling Lane Johnson who is dealing with injuries. Johnson already had an injury injury before sucking a sprained MCL on opening operation. He left the game and did not return.

The eagles caught the jaguans in all sorts of disturbances. Four jaguars failed to pay their tab in London, and then Philadelphia Jacksonville made the prize on the field. Invoiced as a Super Bowl participant in the offense, the Jaguars (3-5) need a reboot when the calendar turns to November.

The game also contained the worst cold of the day. The eagles were up 24-15 in the fourth quarter, when Jaguar’s quarterback Blake Bortles, who stood in the first and 10th Philadelphia Philadelphia 21 yard line, drove off on a run and slipped on the farm at 15 yard line when Eagles liner Nigel Bradham also slid. A flag was thrown and a 15-yard personal foul penalty was judged to be a blow to the head. It was just the last example of a defender who made an effort to be clean and an official even wandered.

The Eagles have the newspaper the week now to get back on the road to a possible repeat. What they do with that time will show how fast they can bounce back from an intermediate opening of the half season.

Pulled out of a hat

Did you really get FitzMagic?

Jameis Winston started the day at the Buccaneers quarterback, but four missions later, Ryan Fitzpatrick was slipping on his helmet again.

Fitzpatrick entered, stretched his pixie dust on the ball and finished 11-of-15 passes for 194 meters and a pair of touchdowns to erase a 21-point deficit in the second half.

“It does not take much to get all this,” said Fitzpatrick about his warming. “Proud of how we fought.”

On the fourth side, Fitzpatrick threw an 18-yard touchdown pass to tight end O.J. Howard followed it with a two-point conversion link with Chris Godwin to tie the match at 34-34 by 1:05 left in regulation.

The Bengals responded by driving 50 meters to kick a game-winning field goal to give Bucs another loss, 37-34. Tampa Bay fell to 3-4.

The strangest state of all? Even with the quarterbacking change, Bucs created a new 576 meter franchise postage.

Ram, I’m

It ended with a Ram that hit a Packer to force a fumble.

In a game that saw both teams rally from 10-point defeat, the last turn in Rams 29-27 victory over the Packers included Los Angeles kicker Greg Zuerlein who hit a 34-yard field goal by just over two minutes left in the match. At the subsequent kickoff return, Green Bays Ty Montgomery lost the ball before reaching the 20-yard line after being hit by Ramik Wilson.

In the end, there was a single win for the unbelievable Rams, now 8-0

“While there is a long way to go, there are a variety of ways to win,” said Rams coach Sean McVay .

Aaron Rodgers held Packers on his way to the end. He threw for 286 meters as Ram’s quarterback Jared Goff went for 295 yards and three TDs.

Yes, he’s Cam!

Carolina did not look ready for Baltimore’s one-two punch on opening operation.

First It was Joe Flacco who hit the ball. Then it was Lamar Jackson who blinked his speed on a 17-yard sprint for a first down. By the time Alex Collins drove a touchdown, Flacco was 5-out of 6, and the pants knew they were on a hard day.

The Panther counteracted Cam Newton, a player who could throw or run right forward and never looked back as the panthers turned out to be a complete team in winning 36-21.

Newton finished with 219 pass turns and two touchdowns; He also rushed for 52 meters.

“We played good complementary football,” said Newton. “Our offensive line plays as safe as they ever have. They certainly do a good job.”

Today’s game

Seattle wideout David Moore had the ball beat him in his left arm, ricochet up and bounced his helmet before he secured it when he crossed the finish line and reached back for a touchdown in the second quarter of a 28-14 victory at Detroit. There were others and 8 from the 15-yard line with the score knocked 7-7 when Russell Wilson took the shot and directed Moore, which was covered by rookie cornerback Teez Tabor. Tabor looked up and finally realized that the ball landed in Moore’s hands. Tabor expressed the frustration that Moore celebrated.

Post Patterns

Lime up another historic moment for Adam Vinatieri. Colts kicker moved Morten Andersen to become NFL’s leading scorer when he kicked a 25-meter field goal with 29 seconds left in the first half. The game was stopped short in Oakland to recognize the brand. Andersen had held the record since retiring in 2007. … It was a week without Le & Veon Bell for Steelers and backback James Conner continued to carry the load, put up 146 meters and a pair of touchdowns on the ground and 66 receiving lap in leveling Browns, 33-18, on Heinz Field. … The Best Celebration Award goes to Seattle’s battery by Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin. When Lockett scored against Lions, he wound up and hit the ball in Baldwin, which posed as a smear. Baldwin pretended that the pitch hit him and loaded the make-believe pile and let Lockett cover him and send him.

Three Stars

Patrick Mahomes, Mike Evans and Joe Mixon Getty Images (2); AP

1. Patrick Mahomes: The young boss continued to chuck it all over the field and completed 24-34 passes for 303 meters and four touchdowns.

2. Mike Evans: It did not matter who threw him the ball, Evans took in six catches for 179 meters and a touchdown. His longest walk for 72 meters.

3. Joe Mixon: The background earned up 123 yards on the ground and a couple of touchdowns that Bengals was winning.

Today’s Quote

“I’m a member of the squirrel community, personally, and words can not express how we feel like members of this community. We are praying, and you know, and I appreciate the guys’ efforts today.”

Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin after Steelers hit Browns, 33-18, one day after a massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue left 11 people dead and several others injured. Tomlin noted that he lives “probably 800 meters from the church.”

Fantasy Insanity

  • What chances are the worst results of the Giants run defense come the same week as they handed out their primary jumpstroke (as well as a startbackback)? Adrian Peterson racked up 126 yards on 26 berries with a touchdown, and also received a 7-yard TD reception. Coming up after Giants bye are games against 49ers and Buccaneers. Between injuries and sub-production in these backfields, you may find some cheap RB points on exception by targeting the Big Blue defense.
  • Do not wait for an official proclamation by Buccaneers. If you need a QB, continue and pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick on the assumption that common sense prevails in Tampa. Jameis Winston, but sometimes imaginative-friendly, is a real QB disaster. And Fitzpatrick was again explosive as soon as he hit the field.
  • If you know the RB divide for holidays, it’s good to add Josh Adams to the back of your bench. But do not put him in future lineups, if not desperate.

Drew Loftis

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