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Such as laser signals from aliens could attract

We are not alone in the universe, the faith in the world, many Alien Fans as well as established scientists.…

We are not alone in the universe, the faith in the world, many Alien Fans as well as established scientists. The search for extraterrestrial life forms and above all, to the planet, friendly to the environment, provide the conditions for the emergence of life, since some time, to the challenges of researchers.

But you could also go the other way: By making alien, intelligent life-forms of our civilization’s attention. As the could go, explain to James Clark and Kerri Cahoy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (my) in Cambridge, in the journal “The Astrophysical Journal”.

So it would be with the existing laser technology possible to send from the earth a laser beam into space, which will be noted by alien life forms.

The Aliens are there and now what? Studie of extraterrestrial life, The Aliens are there and now what?

One of the challenges is the sun to a distant civilization could be as far as to outshine that of the artificial light signal alert. With a two Megawatt infrared laser that is lit by at least 30 meters large telescope sniper bundled into All, possible, report the authors. Under optimale forhold, Signal kan være så, også i opptil 20.000 lysårs distanse, skriv til &#821

1; eller omkring 80 procent af afstanden til midten af ​​mælkevej.

The Laser would have to be very strong, and the telescope is very large, but both lie within the limits of available technology. “It would be a challenging project, but not impossible,” says Clark.

Telescope with a 39 meters

The European Southern Observatory builds waiting Eso in Chile, a telescope with a 39 meter diameter for astronomical observations Andes currently. And the U.S. Air Force has already developed a Megawatt Laser that should be used to shoot down enemy missiles from the sky, but are now decommissioned.

For comparison: a laser pointer is usually about a billion times weaker than the laser, the researchers to the alien propose to search. Satelliet i jordbane ville have to beware of the beam, to avoid any risk of damage.


in Addition, could be used even for communication, stresses Clark. Laser-beam messages left with a few dozen characters per second, light years far into space to transfer. Depending on the distance of the other civilization of the entertainment, however, would be tedious.

Hawking was skeptical to arrive at a contact

Even if we should bump to the next neighboring star to the sun, Proxima Centauri, to a willing civilization, would any answer from there only after eight years. Proxima Centauri is about four light-years. In het geval van een 500 licht-jaar van beschaving, een antwoord kwam pas na 1000 jaar.

“Basically, this was a feasibility study,” stressed Clark. “Om det er en god idé eller ikke, er en diskusjon for fremtidig arbeid.” The deceased astro-physics genius Stephen Hawking had shown himself skeptical about a contact. Aliens could come to us, to loot and to destroy.


Two other U.S. Researchers had proposed two years ago, to hide the earth with the help of laser technology in front of curious Aliens. David Kipping and Alex Teachey from Columbia University in New York assumed that extraterrestrial astronomers to distant planets in a similar way, look for how alien researchers: you look for the slight dimming of a star that occurs when one of its planet moves in front of him .

The Planet is shadowed, then, temporarily, a small part of the star. Exactly, this shading could be Kipping and Teachey, with a bespoke laser offset, and in this way, the existence of the earth obscure.

correction: laser pointers are roughly one billion times weaker than the co-researchers described laser. In the Text, the factor of a Million.

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