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Still there are red water outside Anna Maria Island?

Florida's Fish and Animal Protection Commission's midnight update, Red Tide, still reveals high levels off the coast of Manatee County.…

Florida’s Fish and Animal Protection Commission’s midnight update, Red Tide, still reveals high levels off the coast of Manatee County.

Patchy concentrations of Karenia brevis cells, the organism responsible for red water, was observed from Pinellas County to Collier County, an area that includes Manatee County.

Concentrations over 1 million ] K. Brevis cells per liter were observed in Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte water. Some medium concentrations were also observed in all four counties.

A map of red tidal levels as of November 6, 2018.

Compared to last week K. Brevis concentrations generally fell in Sarasota County water and increased in Charlotte County water. Specific sampling sites and concentrations were not provided for Manatee County.

A short-lived red-tide tracking chart produced by the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida and the Florida Wildlife Research Institute predicts that spotty concentrations of red water will pass around Anna Maria Island and Manatee County over the next three days, with The highest levels concentrated around Bradenton Beach.

A map shows coastal forecasts as of November 10, 2018.

University of South Florida College of South Florida

Several fish deaths and respiratory irritation were reported again from Manatee and surrounding counties of the week. [19659012] Next update of the status of red water status will be released on Friday.

You can call 866-300-9399 anytime from anywhere in Florida to get the latest status of red water status by phone. Call 727-552-2448 from outside of Florida.

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