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Steve Wilks: Cardinal Loss for Charger “Embarrassing”

Sunday saw sunny out early for Arizona Cardinals when Steve Wilk's team jumped out to a 10-0 lead on the…

Sunday saw sunny out early for Arizona Cardinals when Steve Wilk’s team jumped out to a 10-0 lead on the way to Los Angeles Chargers.

Imported cards, with Wilk’s defense getting steamrolled for 45 straight points in a 45-10 blowout loss. It was the latest embarrassment for a 2-9 squad.

“It’s definitely an understatement there,” said Wilks, via the Arizona Republic. “It was definitely embarrassing. It was definitely not what we wanted. This organization, the team in the storage space, the players and the coaches &#821

1; we must do it better.”

Wilks said that “the wheel was only a little bit” because his defense made it possible for Philip Rivers to complete an NFL record 25 straight passes to open the game.

The wheels did not just go off. They exploded. And Wilks folded.

During the last three quarters of the Sunday, the Cardinals gave 45 points, gave up 374 meters, 207 pass turns and seven big games.

Blowout loss tied a Cardinals franchise record with its third 30-point point loss over a season.

The biggest issue for Wilks is the growing belief that his players ended on Sunday when chargers were allowed to roll.

“I do not think the guys will end,” Wilks said. “I will not even get up and say that the guys will stop. Do we have to play better?” We do it of course. “

The loss will give more warmth to the first year’s coach to prove he may be the man to turn it over. However, it may get ugly in Arizona. Long-time Cardinals beat reporter Kent Somers wrote a column openly questioning Arizona can hold on to Wilks if debacles continue and it seems that the coach can not motivate their players.

Trainers usually get more than 16 matches to reverse a franchise, but the cardinal continued fighting can lead to major changes in Arizona threatening to eradicate the whole brass.

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