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Steve Carell donned a bald wig to the troll president Trump like Jeff Bezos at SNL

November 18, 2018 Business 0 Views Comedian Steve Carell hosted Saturday Night Live last night and Amazon's announcement of the…

Comedian Steve Carell hosted Saturday Night Live last night and Amazon’s announcement of the final elections for its secondary headquarters in Queens, New York and Crystal City, Virginia was the main focus of a sketch. In that, Carell Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos presented to explain the real reason why the two sites cut: to the troll president, President Donald Trump.

Carell uses the sketch to paint a picture of Bezos using his company and his wealth to try to humiliate Trump: “Certainly, he repeatedly attacked me on Twitter, but I chose our new places because they were ideal for growing business, not just to make Donald Trump think about how I’m literally 1

00 times richer than he is. “He continues to another headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida, opposite Trump’s resort at Mar-a-Lago, his 2013 purchase at Washington Post – blinking a bunch of headlines – and “announces” a new delivery service called Amazon Caravan, where everything delivered to a Trump-owned building will be handed over by a large group of Honduran immigrants. He closes out by pressing a switch to project an Amazon logo at the White House.

It’s a goofy sketch that lies on the nose, but it emphasizes speculation that Bezos and Amazonian elections were motivated by the desire to deliver a giant long finger to the president who has been a frequent critic of Bezos and his company. Following the announcement of the site election, Trump told The Daily Caller that while the company was getting the best deals, the cities gave up a lot and wondered that it could be a bad decision if Amazonian wealth fell. For his part, Bezos has criticized the president and his rhetoric and said it is “dangerous to demonize the media”.

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