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Steps Count Calorie Pedometer, simple application to control what you walk

596 If one of the activities you usually do once the good weather arrives is go out walking , you…


If one of the activities you usually do once the good weather arrives is go out walking , you may want to keep track of the physical exercise you do. You will achieve this in a very simple way with the application Steps Count Calorie Pedometer for Android.

This work is intended for those who they do not want to complicate their lives with complex applications that make an exhaustive follow-up of everything that is done and, basically, what they seek is to know the steps that take place when walking – or, even, when running -. An interesting detail offered by Steps Count Calorie Pedometer is that it does not need the use of an activity wristband or smartwatch, since the information is acquired thanks to the sensors that integrate into the phone that has.

This development fulfills its mission in a correct manner . And we say this although there are details that can be improved in Steps Count Calorie Pedometer. An example is that the user interface that is used can be improved. True that performs its function in an efficient way, but its appearance is unattractive and clearly shows outdated -both in the design and in the elements of text or numbering that are included-. Of course, there is no problem to detect the Start and end button of the data collection.

In what has to do with the compatibility, the certain thing is that the requirements of this work are very low, reason why in model of four cores with Android 2.3 or higher we have verified that its operation is quite good – and there is no lack of fluency. Besides, just occupy Steps Count Calorie Pedometer five megabytes on the phone, so it can be said that it is possible to use it in the practically all of the smartphones that are in the market currently.

Possibilities of Steps Count Calorie Pedometer

Apart from counting the steps and the time in which the activity is carried out, with Steps Count Calorie Pedometer it is possible to know some other data that have to do with physical activity. An example is that it is done an estimate of the colors that have remained and, also, the kilometers traveled (so that the accuracy is adequate, it is important to use the Settings of the development – and, for example, to modify data such as the body weight or the length of the step in centimeters that you have – Here it is also possible change the unit of measure which is used in the application.

When using this work, we have verified that its reliability is correct, but we liked that sometimes automatic start of data collection is delayed more than expected and, therefore, some information that is important is lost. By the way, that number of ads that are included in Steps Count Calorie Pedometer is for our very high taste, and this may cause more than one to end up eliminating the application of your device. It is also possible save the data of each output that is made , in order to review the possible advances that are obtained with the passage of time.

Download Steps Count Calorie Pedometer

This application can be downloaded without any cost in the app store Samsung Galaxy Apps . The installation process is very simple and, therefore, to use it if you have a terminal of the Korean company is the most recommended if you are not looking for complications to know what you walk when you go out for a walk.

Steps Count Calorie Pedometer, simple application to control what you walk

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