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Steph Curry out for at least 10 days for Warriors with light damage

OAKLAND – The wars on Tuesday ended the third of 12 back-to-back sets they will have this season, and this…

OAKLAND – The wars on Tuesday ended the third of 12 back-to-back sets they will have this season, and this can have a lasting impact.

There are few moments to remember and many to regret, especially the blow between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green on Monday evening.

Here are two positive and two negatives deducted from dividing the two matches, a loss for Clippers in Los Angeles and a victory over Hawks in Oakland:


The bench did not wait

] With Stephen Curry missing both games and Green missed the other while they ended, Warriors demanded an increase from their reserves. They generally got what they wanted.

The bench scored 39 points at 68.2 percent shot against Clippers. It was the star’s 77 points on 40.3 percent shooting that failed the test.

Towards the hawks, the bench did not work well, maybe because two reserves &#821

1; Quinn Cook and Jonas Jerebko – were in the starting line. Cook and Jerebko combine for 32 points (46.4 percent), 17 rebounds and eight assists.

If Cook and Jerebko continue to shoot and stretch the floor, Warriors will benefit.

Iguodala’s shot looks niiice

If it’s a feeling, the Oracle Arena audience keeps its collective breath every time Andre Iguodala lifts a 3 pointer, it’s because it’s doing.

When he misses, and sometimes bad, there is a moan. [19659002] [RELATED: Iguodala references Kobe-Shaq when asked about Draymond-KD beef]

When they enter, there are lots of extra cordial in cheers.

Today they have entered. Iguodala, the team’s multi-talented sixth man, scored 22 points, on 8-of-12 shots, including 4-in-5 from deep, during the last two games.

Since his first eight shots are missing beyond the bow, Iguodala is 8 out of 14. It is 57.1 percent. He will not keep that beat – nobody does – but the highlighting boost is especially relevant to Curry Out.


The Green-Durant Battle

The warriors can not hide this. They can not deny it. Durant and Green squabbled in common view on Monday evening, with teammates trying to calm each of them.

With the score bound and about five seconds left in regulation, Green dug a return. Durant was a few yards away and asked for the ball. Green ignored him and went dribbling up to the court. He made a turnover, Warriors did not go into shots, and the game went into overtime, with Durant fouling out and the Golden State fades in the last minute.

This led to the dispute on the bench that was transferred to changing rooms. It also led to the end of the war with Green to make it harmful to the team.

This may be the biggest tiff that still involves Green, a fire that spills energy and enthusiasm, but in this case it may have become too abrasive for the general good. 19659002] Will there be any permanent effect? If comments from players and coaches are some indications, it may be possible.

Young bigs fight the glass

The war decided that this was the year they would go from a veteran spin and turn things to the three youths: Jordan Bell, Damian Jones and Kevon Looney. The result has been mixed.

One element that has been quite consistently disappointing is recovery. Bell only played 13 minutes during the last two games and grabbed three. Looney played 45 minutes and grabbed seven. He has been the best rebound for the group.

Jones has started each game. In 32 minutes over the last two games he had six returns. His season high is six. He has had eight matches with three or fewer boards.

The warriors need them to get better.

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