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Steelers unpack Veon Bell's locker after raid

November 15, 2018 Sports 2 Views Several Pittsburgh Steelers players say that Le & Veon Bell's lockers were packed and…

Several Pittsburgh Steelers players say that Le & Veon Bell’s lockers were packed and placed on the back of the team’s headquarters, with former teammates pointing out a couple of clicks and not much more during Wednesday’s raid.

Bell forfeited the season and $ 14.5 million when he failed to sign up for the team by Tuesday’s franchise tag limit to play 2018.

Center and captain Maurkice Pouncey said that Bell’s item is likely to be sent directly to the player , which is common with such a list of sales.

  • Payment this year was never Bell’s priority. He could still get what he wanted in the long run, while turning NFL’s economic model on his head.

  • Ben Roethlisberger, in a text to Le Veon Bell before Tuesday’s deadline, hoped that Steeler’s springback would pop up, but “wanted

  • Bell’s locker went untouched for more than two months, but is now completely.

  • The Steelers backing made a wise decision not to play this season. Empty one day after a handful of players were aiming through their stuff for clips, shirts and even mixtape CDs.

    The bag was not harmful at all may have been therapeutic, says cornerback Mike Hilton, who allowed everyone in the dressing room to like Bell.

    “Everyone was tired of talking about it and wondered when he would pop up or not,” said Hilton. “[You’d see the locker] and Think, okay, maybe he will pop up. Now it’s all too understood and everyone can really get over it. “

    Hilton, who secured a pair of Jordan clamps, said lockers are typically full of free football clothes that Bell probably would not have needed.

    In a video like published by ESPN on Wednesday, Linbacker Bud Dupree held two pairs of Bell’s Jordan cliffs and said to the camera: “Estimate the pinch, my guy. You succeed, my guy. “

    The team was upset with Bell when he did not show Week 1 but continued with James Conner, who is among leaders in rushing yards and touchdowns.

    Guard David DeCastro appreciates Bell’s greatness as a Steeler – an average of 128.9 total lap per game over five seasons – and hope he gets a massive contract in free agency. Bell sits out the year to preserve his health.

    “It’s a team sports and a company. It’s tough. You can see both sides, says DeCastro. “No one is really wrong or right. That’s very tough. I wish Le Veon all the best, and I hope he gets all the money he can.”

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