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Starting tomorrow, Honor mobiles to 1 euro in the Super Brand Week


Again Honor is going to revolutionize the online sales of your phones – as long as you are fast enough and you can catch some -. In your page web they are going to make a new sale of phones at 1 euro since tomorrow until March 28.

Specifically, the March 22, 23, 24 and 25, at 14:00 in the afternoon will go on sale five units of Honor 5C at 1 euro . The fastest can be done with one of them. As usual, these sales cause a furore and web pages are likely to get saturated in seconds, so only the fastest – and with some luck – can be made with this special price of a phone that usually costs considerably more.

But we said at the beginning that the sales lasted until 28, and this is because in the following days (26, 27, and 28 March) will come even more interesting offers. He March 26th , what will be there are 5 units of Honor 8 PRO at 1 euro and the next day, it will be the turn of the Honor 7X in red. Finally, the last day of the Super Brand Week It will be when the Honor 9 Lite will offer five units at this symbolic price.

Starting tomorrow, Honor mobiles to 1 euro in the Super Brand Week

Discounts and other offers during the Super Brand Week of Honor

During all these days, the brand has also prepared other offers and discounts. To start, all those who wish can register to have the opportunity to receive a voucher or coupon of 100 euros that can be spent between March 26 and 28. Specifically, it will offer 50 euros of discount when buying the Honor View 10 , 30 euros to buy the Honor 7X and 20 euros to buy the Honor 6C Pro .

In this way, if we get this discount coupon the Honor View 10 will cost 449 euros instead of the 499 euros it usually has, The Honor 7X will drop to 239 euros compared to the usual 269 euros and the Honor 6C Pro will stay at 139 euros instead of 159 euros.

Tips to try to get one of the Honor to 1 euro

How are you always? ” rush buy “, Which is how they are called in the slang of e-commerce, gather many users at the same time in a web page … which makes them quickly saturated. We recommend that you have already created your user account in with all the data, both address and payment already prepared. On the other hand, it does not hurt that your computer, at that time, is not performing other operations that can slow down the browser – in fact, if you have everything closed and processes in the background disabled better -. And finally, it only remains to have a bit of luck, because in this type of purchases, it is a factor to be taken into account.

While the first day of “crazy” purchases of Honor mobile phones at 1 euro , we recommend that you go through the mobile comparator of MovilZona where you can check the Features of all Honor mobiles and see which of them is the one you have to fight for.