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Started to attend a costume party in KKK hood, mantle

A man appeared to a Halloween costume party on a Mississippi bar wearing a Ku Klux Klan Hood and Kappa…

A man appeared to a Halloween costume party on a Mississippi bar wearing a Ku Klux Klan Hood and Kappa – but quickly got the boot, the witnesses and the owner of the plant.

The unidentified man attended a costume party on Saturday at Mutt & BC’s Bar & Grill in Picayune, where someone discovered his white supremacist garb and sent a photo to social media.

“And they say racism is dead,” wrote Chance Delaney on Facebook. “DISGUSTING.”

Delaney told Clarion Ledger that he did not take the picture, but shared it on Facebook after someone else who asked to not be identified sent it to him.

“Legit Trash Man,” Delaney wrote in a later comment. “The bar must be thrown away to even let its racist walk in from there.”

The incident took place only a few hours after an anti-Semitic guns allegedly killed 1

1 worshipers with an AR-15-like attack rifle at the Synagogue Tree of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh’s predominant Jewish squirrel section.

Robert Bowers, 46, appeared in court on Monday following what is believed to be the deadliest attack on Jews in US history. Federal prosecutors have said that they intend to seek approval to drive a death penalty against Bowers if he is convicted of 29 federal charges, including 11 counts of murder.

The owner of the bar said that the white customer who walked into his plant wearing KKK garb – while waving the Mississippi flag flags – was asked to worry and leave. He has since been fired from returning, said owner Bryan Carroll to Clarion Ledger.

Several black patrons were also in the bar when the hood came, Carroll said.

“We do not tolerate or tolerate racism at any level of our business, customers or staff,” he told the newspaper. “Everyone is welcome and we have all the societies and all the races that protect our place.”

The insulting customer was not regularly in the bar, Carroll said.

The city mayor also chimated and said he was pleased that Carroll did the right thing.

“Picayune City does not support any form of racist or degrading actions, period, whether it’s true for life or a costume party,” Mayor Ed Pinero told the newspaper. “It’s just unacceptable behavior.”

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