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Star Trek Discovery's Michelle Yeoh in talks to resume rolling in the Spinoff series

Michelle Yeoh is in talks to reproduce his role as Emperor Georgiou for his own series Star Trek . CBS…

Michelle Yeoh is in talks to reproduce his role as Emperor Georgiou for his own series Star Trek . CBS All Access launched Star Trek: Discovery last year and moves rapidly to expand the universe. If an agreement can be reached, the first spinach will be led by Yeoh.

Yeoh was a major cast member of Star Trek: Discovery during the first season together with Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs and Anthony Rapp. As Commander of USS Shenzhou, Captain Philippa Georgiou led the ship with a steady hand until she was killed. Yeoh, however, could stay on the show due to playing dual roles. It was concluded in the first season of the show that Mirror Universe’s emperor is Georgiou, so that Yeoh can play a completely different version of her character. It’s this version of Georgiou that will return to Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery But the universe now wants to expand Yeoh’s role even more.

Deadline revealed that Michelle Yeoh is in early talks with CBS All Access to the star in a Georgiou independent series.

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Such a spin is still in the early stages of development, and her dedication relies heavily on whether the Yeoh’s schedule allows her to star. Together with a number of projects that Yeoh has in the work, as well as the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians schematic restrictions may be in the way of securing a leading role in a whole new series. If an agreement can be made quickly, this spinoff can really happen.

As revealed in a removed scene from the season one of Star Trek: Discovery Emperor Georgiou received an invitation to join the mysterious organization Section 31. This secret division of Starfleet is their black ops level operation and was killed on several occasions to work in the shadows within Star Trek: Discovery . The report states that a Yeoh-led spinoff would likely focus on events that are moving around section 31 after the history of the season two of Discovery has stored for them.

Although spinoff has not yet been officially confirmed, CBS All Access has confirmed before 1945 that spinoffs will be considered for each Star Trek: Discovery sign. Having said that, although the streaming service does not end up with Yeoh’s Spinoff with Georgiou and Section 31, Star Trek the universe will still be able to expand through Patrick Stewart’s return as Captain Jean-Luc Picard for his new series. Although his spinoff does not have a date for release right now, Stewart is currently preparing for the series. Meanwhile, when CBS All Access tries to get Yeoh on board for a new series, fans must realize the new season Star Trek: Discovery to see how it can create a spin-off. [19659000] MORE: Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Photo Reveals Klingon Design

Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery Premiere 17 January 2019 at CBS All Access

Source: Deadline

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