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Star Trek Discovery Probably A Character A Spinoff Series

November 10, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views CBS All Access may not be the most popular streaming service out there, but…

CBS All Access may not be the most popular streaming service out there, but because the parent company CBS owns Star Trek the franchise and more, it does not have to be. The powers that understand it and they continue to find new ways to expand on their flagship series Star Trek Discovery . The latest update? A spinoff series is in the work of Michelle Yeoh’s shock-centered character Captain Philippa Georgiou.

Details about the project are still mostly unconfirmed and Michelle Yeoh is purely “in conversation” to reproduce the character of a completely different series. However, it has already been confirmed that Yeoh’s Terran Emperor (Philippa Georgiou’s Mirror Universe Iteration) will be back to Star Trek Discovery Season 2. According to Deadline, the Spinoff project would be centered on the experience of the character in Starfleet s 31


Starfleet’s autonomous black ops division would be a pole for a new show, especially with Michelle Yeoh who led the charge. Star Trek Discovery heavily attacked Klingon’s war game tactics over two different dimensions, and season 2 will only ramp up the space-savage chaos. As such, the fans would probably be happy to have a follow-up series with a brand new set and slightly different genre elements.

This decision is both surprising and understandable. When Star Trek Discovery was in development, the fans thought that Michelle Yeoh’s casting meant that Captain Philippa Georgio would be a big part of the story at least during the first season. But the character became shockingly killed early. Fortunately, the actress came back with a delicious curve when Mirror Universe came to play.

Yeoh’s performances won enough to make her an early favorite for a spinoff project as soon as it was shown that the producers were looking to build Star Trek franchise on CBS All Access. Currently, the spin-offs and short-story stories in Short Treks (currently streaming), the next half-hour animated comedy Star Trek: Below Decks and Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard stand-alone series. Ooh, if only Steward and Yeoh could share the screen in this universe.

In addition to the return of Philippa Georgiou, Star Trek Discovery Season 2 will also feature the debut of Anson Mount’s Christopher Pike, who acts as the Captain of USS Enterprise and comes to help control Discovery by any means. Fans will also meet Ethan Peck’s younger generation, wearing Spock. IT and Mama creator actor Javier Botet will also join the show as an “old creature” whose identity has not yet been revealed.

Is Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou the perfect choice for a Star Trek Discovery spinoff? Let us know how you feel about it and get pumped for Season 2’s big debut at CBS All Access. The episode will be live on Thursday, January 17th, so be sure to sue. While we wait, our autumn-television premiere schedule will help you find other new and recurring games that hit primetime.

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