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Stacey Abrams says she was almost blocked from voting in Georgia. Val: NPR

Georgian Democratic Governor Stacey Abrams talks with a crowd gathered for the Marches "Souls Two The Polls" in Atlanta last…

Georgian Democratic Governor Stacey Abrams talks with a crowd gathered for the Marches “Souls Two The Polls” in Atlanta last month.

Jessica McGowan / Getty Images

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Jessica McGowan / Getty Images

The Georgian Democratic Governor Stacey Abrams speaks with a crowd gathered for the Marches “Souls Two The Polls” in Atlanta last month.

Jessica McGowan / Getty Images

Democrat Stacey Abrams does not support her fight against what she calls opponents suppressive tactics and election management after losing Georgian governor’s race. In fact, Abrams said she had experienced the problems in her first-hand action – having been refused to vote for herself during an early vote.

In an interview with Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep, the Democratic Governor Administrator said that when she went to vote last month, a voter told her that she had requested a resignation vote and could not vote for a poll. Abrams replied that she was never submitted for an absentee vote, and after a conversation with the site manager, the matter was quickly resolved.

“I made it quiet. I did not make it a big conversation because I was talking about going through the process,” said Abrams. “Following the cameras to the election, she said that the snappy was wrapped, because” I did not try pamper someone, but I wanted it fixed. “

” But it was also symbolic of me about the privilege I have, “Abrams, who holds a degree from Yale Law School, continued.” I know the law. There are thousands of millions in Georgia do not know what their rights are and therefore do not know they do not have to wait for four hours in the rain with their children. They should not have to worry about whether they will lose their jobs to exercise their democratic right to vote for their leaders. “

The former Democratic State House minority leader who vowed to be the first black woman ever elected governor in the United States, ended her campaign Friday after acknowledging that Republican Brian Kemp would be certified the winner of the governor’s race.

The race had been extended for 10 days beyond the election day but in the end her campaign’s efforts to see provisional and other votes were counted was not enough to close the gap and force a waste trap next month between her and Kemp. In the end, Abram Kemp struck by almost 55,000 votes.

But in his tough speech on Friday, Abrams spontaneously showed that he had “deliberate and deliberate” voters suppressing Kemp, who was Georgia Secretary of State and top electoral officer until after the election, which contributed to her loss. She echoed these feelings to the NPR and said that the new governor should be held responsible.

“The total amount of the mistakes made by the broken miss administration, of incompetence – 1.5 million people cleared [from voter rolls] 53,000 [votes] resigned, 3,000 denied the right to register as new citizens, long voting lines, misplaced preliminary voting – the totality of questions show that there has been a brutal misconduct of our elections, “says Abrams.” I do not suggest I know I would have won, but I say the results became insensibly made less secure and less secure because of the actions taken by the State Secretary. “

An October survey of public radio journalists found that there was an increase in the number of voters cleared from the rolls under Kemp for not voting in previous elections. Kemp said he Just followed the law and Georgia is one of nine states that uses the so-called “use it or lose it” policy as to re-voters to be removed from the reels if they do not participate.

Abrams said she would “speculate” it is true that what she called “gross maladministration” helped Kemp win. The republic was criticized not to rise apart from his post that monitored elections during the campaign and only resigned after the election day. And he also came to fire to clear select collections and reject any new voter applications.

“But we do not know” how much Kemp’s efforts contributed “because of how devastating this behavior has been,” said Abrams. “And that’s why I was willing to admit that the election is over. Because, according to our current law, that’s true. But my thing is that it was not a fair fight.”

For a “fair fight” for all the voters, what is now her intention to run through the group she launches, Fair Fight Georgia. As she announced on Friday, one of the organization’s first moves will be a federal trial against the state of Georgia.

“It will be based on thousands of calls we received from our voters hotline, thousands of complaints we received not only immediately but things that preceded the election. And it will look at the overall challenges for Georgia’s states, from broken machines to voter’s oppression and voting threats to the election by an early vote on election day, “Abrams explained.

Kemp has pointed to the record set of reasons for hiccups over the state. In fact, when Kemp went to vote he went to a technical question. Previously, Kemp said that Abram’s assertions of opposition supporters were a “farce” and were “all a distraction to remove from Abram’s extreme agenda as she has.”

In a statement after Abrams finished his campaign Friday, Kemp said he and the Georgians were “ready to move on” and should not “live on pastas split policy “. But Abrams drew back that her call for changes to the vote and greater supervision should not be a partisan question, and she hopes Kemp supports her group’s efforts.

“There is no divide about demanding justice and democracy,” said Abrams. “It’s the core of who we are as Americans. It’s the core of who we are as Georgians. And I would like to say that my hope is [Kemp] will stand with me to improve the integrity of our choice, to show that He is a man of goodwill who wants people to vote their voices no matter where they live no matter who they vote for. And so far, he has not shown that kind of leadership and I hope he will take his own words to heart and come to do it in the coming days. “

Abrams has been criticized by Republicans and others for her refusal to admit and to cast doubt on the outcome of legitimacy. The University of California-Irvine’s School of Law Professor Richard Hasen wrote in Slate that “Democrats should end the rhetoric that the race was” stolen “” because “rhetoric about stolen elections gives rise to a growing dissolution and delegitimization of the electoral process” something that President Trump himself has done.

But the democratic policy – told CNN over the weekend, she plans to run back in office – claimed that “in this case, it is necessary to push for integrity in our choice based on the evidence. “

“We have four federal judges who have already identified deficiencies we have put forward. We have a number of evidence, we have an affidavit, we have a legal case that will formulate exactly what we are talking about and we do not need to work on or on Another way to make information, says Abrams. “We will use the evidence for this election and the past eight years to show not only our cause without the cure.”

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