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Stacey Abrams says Georgia's governor's race “do not be a free and fair choice”

Losing Georgia's governor Stacey Abrams said that the vote she lost to Republican Brian Kemp "was not a free and…

Losing Georgia’s governor Stacey Abrams said that the vote she lost to Republican Brian Kemp “was not a free and fair choice”.

In an interview Monday morning at MSNBC, Mrs. Abrams repeatedly said the election was not fair because of a number of legal and routine measures related to voters and voice security – most of which were not made by Kemp, despite being a state secretary.

“We had thousands of Georgians wrongly cleared from the reels, including a 92-year-old woman who had voted in the same area since 1968, a civil rights activist,” she told MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

“It was not fair for the thousands who had to wait long distances,” she continued. “It was not fair for the thousands that were handed in with its registration.”

“Worse,” she said, “they had no voting place to go to because more than 300 were closed.”

Apart from the 92-year-old woman’s single voice, Abrams offered no evidence that any of the facts she quoted actually prevented legitimate voters to vote or that someone Georgian had no place to vote. Each state periodically changes or consolidates polling stations to respond to population patterns.

“Brian Kemp supervised the systematic and systemic dismantling of our democracy for eight years, meaning that there was no free and fair elections in Georgia this year,” she said.

Ms. Abrams has made all these claims during the weeks since the election day returned showed her subsequent something, despite doing better than any state-democratic candidate in conservative Georgia for years.

But in the last day or so, she has gone further, saying that they make the election illegal and refuse repeated promptings Sunday from CNN’s Jake Tapper to say that Kemp was chosen “legitimate”.

Conservatives have begun to rely on Abrams as a conspiracy theorist who makes groundless claims.

“I remember when delegation elections were unamerican,” snarked “Instapundit” Glenn Reynolds on Twitter. “

Conservative activist “AG Conservative” presented a comprehensive replay on Twitter about the actual claims about Georgia’s electoral process and called them “deliberately misleading to give readers who are not” I do not feel the fact a false impression and thereby undermine a legitimate choice. “

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