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St Marys has the legionaries' fall; UW finds a fifth and a former UW patient die | Local news

St. Mary's Hospital has a fall of Legionnaire's disease, a state official said Thursday and joined four cases reported by…

St. Mary’s Hospital has a fall of Legionnaire’s disease, a state official said Thursday and joined four cases reported by UW Hospital Wednesday.

UW Hospital discovered a fifth case on Thursday and one of its four previous patients died late Wednesday, spokeswoman Lisa Brunette said. The patient who was at the hospital for several, serious health problems and death was not unexpected, she said.

St Mary’s patient has not had any contact with UW Hospital, says Jennifer Miller, a spokesman for the State Department of Health Care Services. The patient gathered Legionnaires “in society, not in care institutions, said Lisa Adams, a St Mary’s spokesman. This conclusion is based on the patient’s symptoms, she says.

Legionaries are not uncommon and the state has reported 1

1 confirmed or suspected cases The last week, including those at UW and St. Mary’s, Sade Miller. It is not known how many people can be linked to the UW cases, she said. She and other government officials refused to say if the other cases involve people or premises in Dane County.

UnityPoint Health-Meriter has not had any recent Legionary cases, spokesman Leah Huibregtse said.

At UW Hospital Brunette said two of the first four patients diagnosed with Legionnaire are left in hospital, in good condition. The fourth had been released from Wednesday.

Dr. Nasia Safdar, Medical Director of Infection Control at UW Hospital, said Wednesday that UW’s context of case t is also linked to a decision three weeks ago to reduce water flow at the hospital during low demand times. It can make the water system more susceptible to contagious bacteria, she said. Regular flow has resumed.

UW Hospital largely completed chlorinating its water system to kill the bacteria on Thursday morning, Brunette said. Patients in the entire hospital can shower again after being told not, as a precaution, late Tuesday and Wednesday.

Legionaries, a type of pneumonia, spread in airborne drops from hot water. The bacteria, which can be found in low concentrations in tap water, are mostly problematic for people with chronic diseases or who are already ill.

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