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Spotify free: All the changes that will arrive to the app next week


Yesterday we were informed to the media that Spotify would present on April 24 a new way of understanding musical applications. It is clear that the music streaming service will completely renew its mobile application but at the moment we only had one appointment, which was not too remarkable.

today the thing changes radically, because the boys of The Verge have shared several catches of the new Spotify application for free that users may use, presumably, from the next update of the application that should be announced on April 24, that is, in just a week.

What’s new in Spotify for free?

Go ahead that, despite the recent leak, we can not assure you that the final appearance of Spotify match the screenshots that we hosted in this article. Safer are the Spotify news for free for members who do not pay for the premium version of the music streaming service, which could come true next week.

There are several notable changes in this version of Spotify free for mobile devices that would arrive next week and that show the interface that appears in these images. Undoubtedly, the most striking is the possibility to choose the songs to play from a playlist. So far all users of Spotify free They can play playlists on the mobile but randomly. The new version of the app for iOS and Android will allow select the song we want from a list , resembling more Spotify premium.

It is hoped that this new option also incorporates a reproduction limit , but for now, more information is unknown.

The second big change has to do with the interface of the app, because when playing songs the image of the album or artist will be displayed in full screen. It also changes the search page and the playback icons at the same time that the Explore button disappears, giving greater prominence to the options of Radio .

Spotify free: All the changes that will arrive to the app next week

The last big change of Spotify free and payment has to do with how to use the app. Those responsible for the platform have been testing the voice control of the application for several weeks and it could be another of the great novelties that land in the streaming music service next week.

We can confirm all the changes from the app Spotify The next Tuesday.