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Special Council investigates conflicting accounts such as review by Roger Stone and WikiLeaks deeper

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Over the past weeks, a major jury in Washington has listened to more than a dozen hours of testimony and FBI technicians have pored over gigabytes of electronic messages as part of the special council’s quest to solve a burning mystery: Has Longtime Trump Advisor Roger Stone – or anybody else associated with the president – deepened knowledge of WikiLeak’s plans to release hacked democratic e- mailings 2016

Robert S. Mueller III investigator has been aggressive after the scene of whether Stone was in communication with the online group whose e-mail data was assumed to have been hacked by Russian operators bothering the presidential campaign from 2016, according to people who are familiar with special councils.

Stone who bounces d while in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has since said that his previous comments were excessive or misunderstood. Both he and WikiLeaks have denied denying that they were in contact.

However, the prosecutors review both public comments and alleged private claims made by Stone in 2016 and suggested that he had a way to reach Assange, the people said.

Last month Randy Credico, once a Stone Friend, told the big jury as Trump loyalist confidence during the 2016 campaign that he had a secret back channel to WikiLeaks, according to a person familiar with the case.

In a series of interviews with the Washington Post, Stone said that his only connection to the group was through Credico, a liberal comedian who hosted Assange on his New York radio show in 2016.

The Special Prosecutor’s Prosecutor also nullified Stones’ relationship with conservative journalist and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, investigates whether he served as a lead between Stone and Assange, according to another person who is familiar with their interest. Corsi appeared before Mueller’s grand jury last month, and FBI agents have recently tried to interview Corso’s staff, according to the person.

In addition, investigators have examined Sten’s communication with the Trump campaign officials on WikiLeaks, according to people familiar with prob.

A clear survey: if Stone lied to the congress of his alleged contacts with WikiLeaks during the presidential election, according to the people.

The question of whether Trump employees were in contact with WikiLeaks is at the heart of Mueller’s request. According to fees filed by the Special Advisor in July, Russian military intelligence officials used an online persona called Guccifer 2.0 to distribute hacked democratic emails via WikiLeaks. The Russian operators also used the Guccifer 2.0 Twitter account to send messages to Stone, who said that the exchange was good.

The online organization has said that it has no contact with Stone. “WikiLeaks & Assange have repeatedly confirmed that they never communicated with Stone”, the organization tweeted in March 2017.

Stone told the Post as Credico “was my main source regarding the alleged hacked e-mail published by WikiLeaks” a requirement Credico has denied. Stone added that one of his remarks in 2016 predict that WikiLeaks would release information related to Clinton where informed by another journalist’s tips that he was forwarded by an associate.

Stone called Mueller’s investigation illegitimate and said the special adviser, who has interviewed at least seven of his colleagues, tries to push him to turn over President Trump.

“The special lawyer points to all aspects of my social, family, personal, business and political life, seeking something – something – he can use to push me, silence me and try to encourage me to testify to my friend Donald Trump, “said Stone in a new video-filed appeal. “I will not do that. When I say I will not roll on the president, what I mean is that I will not have to make lies to take him down.”

A spokesman for the Special Council refused to comment.

Questions about Stone’s possible link to WikiLeaks stoked by encouraging comments he made after the group released thousands of hacked emails from key democratic figures that began before the Democratic National Convention in July 2016.

The following month, Stone began to predict that WikiLeaks would reset before the election. In a widely reported speech to a Republican group in South Florida in early August 2016, Stone was praising: “I have actually communicated with Assange.”

Then tweeted on August 21, “Trust me, Podestas will soon be in the bar.” Six weeks later, WikiLeaks began posting online mail stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

Sten now says that his tweet was a reference to opposition research he received from Corsi about the business contacts of Podesta and his brother, the Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta.

Two days after his Podesta tweet, Stone saw at Credici’s radio show. Credico asked if an “October Surprise” came and stated that Stone had “been in touch and indirectly with Julian Assange”, according to a clip obtained by CNN.

“I do not want intimate in any way as I control or influence Infange because I do not, Stone responded to the show.” We have a common friend, someone we both trust and that’s why I’m a good recipient information. “

Sten now says that he referred to Credico.” I really could not beat Randy on his own radio show, but the one I’m referring to is of course him, “he told the post.” He’s starting to joke . “

As the rule approached in 2016, Stone continued his predictions. On Sunday, October 2, he tweeted,” Wednesday @ HillaryClinton is ready. #WikiLeaks. “When there was no release Wednesday on October 5, he tweeted,” Lib’s thinking Assange will be down is wishful thinking. Payload comes #Lockthemup. “

Two days after Stones” payload “tweeted WikiLeaks tweeted the first part of Podestas emails – then released new parties almost daily before the November election.

When Stone was reviewing for his comments on WikiLeaks after the election, he had no knowledge of the hack and only transmitted information he had received from Credico.

In a letter to the House Intelligence Committee in September 2017, Stone also identified Credico as the source of WikiLeaks, according to a person who is familiar with the communication. 19659029] Credico has repeatedly refused to transfer information from WikiLeaks to Stone. Rather, he said he may have wondered about the group’s tactics when he was with Stone. Credico has told the Allies that he believes that Stone used him as a “fool” for to try to explain their claims of having a back canal to Assange.

Mueller’s efforts to unentang laughing the contradictory accounts for stone and credico are complicated by the fact that both men are the voluble showmen. They became friends in the early 2000s through a common interest in liberalizing New York drug laws, but have bitterly shared scrutiny from special councils.

Stone said he believes Credico had sources linked to WikiLeaks and said Credico offered to receive information from Assange’s

Two Stone co-workers, filmmaker David Lugo and lawyer Tyler Nixon, also told the Post that Credico acknowledged in conversation last year as a source of material for Sten’s statements and tweets about WikiLeaks.

Nixon said he would be willing to testify to the jury for a dinner where Credico was hoping that his liberal friends would be dissatisfied that he was a source of the arch conservative stone. Lugo gave the post with text messages where Credico said: “I knew that Rodger [sic] would name me sooner or later and then I said I’m the so-called back channel.”

A credico attorney declined to comment on Lugo and Nixon’s claims.

Troico told him that he reminded that Stone claimed in a conversation in September 2016 that he had a mystery WikiLeaks contact. Credico said he was not sure if he would believe him.

“I remember saying,” Roger, I thought you had a back channel, “said Credico.” He said something as a result of, “Yes, but I can not use him all the time.” “Credico forwarded that account to the grand jury last month, according to a person who knows his testimony.

The stone at denied Credico first that he suggested he had a lead to reach WikiLeaks, called his old friend a “perjurer” and said he should enjoy the opportunity to confront Credico in court.

Later, Stone acknowledged that he “cheated” told Credico in an email he had “a second source” of WikiLeaks information except the New York comic.

He told The post that the person was not a direct link to WikiLeaks. He said that he referred to information that another employee sent to him from a journalist who wrote in an email in July 2016 that he had heard that WikiLeaks would release information ion related to the Clinton Foundation.

Stone also said that he received information about Clintons in 2016 from Corsi. He told the House Intelligence Committee that his Podesta tweet was “based on a major beginning of August [2016] opposition research briefing” from Corsi.

Corsi gave a similar account in a column in March 2017 Infowars where he called the Stone source of Podestas tweet and confirmed Stone’s timeline, saying that they had detailed talks about Podesta from August 14, 2016 to August 31, 2016.

Mueller is now investigating his exchanges.

Corsi lawyer David Gray said in an interview last month that Corsi had been sentenced by the Special Adviser, who considered he was interested in Corsi’s communications with Stone 2016 and 2017. Gray declined to comment last week.

Stone said he first met Corsi around 2015 when the author wrote about the president policy of World Net Daily, a conspiracy-oriented website. Later, both contributed to Infowars, where Stone is still hosting a program that is streaming live over the Internet.

In an interview, Stone suggested that the special adviser could actually be interested in Corsi’s relationship with Trump.

Corsi was a leading advocate of birtherism, the fake conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. In 2011 he wrote the book “Where is the birth certificate ?: The case of Barack Obama is not entitled to be president”.

About that time, Trump conspiracy theory questioned Obama’s citizenship and demanded that he released his Stone saying that during a conversation with Trump 2011, he told me, “Who is this guy, Jerome Corsi?” “Stone recalled.”

Stone said he asked Trump why he asked about Corsi.

“I’ve talked to him,” Stone said to Trump.

Stone said that Corsi also met Trump during the 2016 campaign. Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow refused to comment.

Mueller, Stone added, may have been “more interested in these meetings than anything to do with me”.

Tom Hamburger contributed to this report.

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