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Southwest Airlines apologizes for agent laughing at 5-year-old “Abcde”

November 30, 2018 Business 1 Views Southwest Airlines has apologized after a grinder a few weeks ago claimed the name…

Southwest Airlines has apologized after a grinder a few weeks ago claimed the name of a passenger’s 5-year-old daughter. The girl’s name is spelled “Abcde” but pronounced “Ab-city”.

The mother Traci Redford told ABC7 that she and Abcde travel through John Wayne Airport when the portman apparently saw her daughter’s name on a boarding pass, laughed at them and took a photo of the passport to put on social media.

She said:

“The frontier started laughing and pointing at me and my daughter talking to other employees. So I turned around and said,” Hi if I can hear you my daughter can hear you so I would appreciate if you would just stop. “

” While I was there, she took a picture of my boarding card and chose to post it on social media, spitting my daughter. It was actually noticed by someone who had seen it on Facebook and reported it to Southwest Airlines. And after two weeks of formal complaint, Southwest had not done anything. “1


Southwest gave the following statement to the outlet:

We extend our sincere apologies to the family. We are proud to extend our Southwestern Hospitality to all our customers , which includes living the golden rule and treating each individual with respect, personally or online. The post is not an indication of the care, respect and civility we expect from all our employees. We have followed the employee and while we are not publishing personal action in public, we use this as an opportunity to strengthen our policy and emphasize our expectations of all employees.

The employee who claimed that the post was not posted respond to ABC7’s request for comment. Abcde has epilepsy so she and her mother was on board.

Buzzfeed, who also retrieved the story, finds that there are actually over 300 people in the United States called “Abcde.” F rob the story:

After the name made headlines from the story in 2014, Vocativ reported that there were 328 people named Abcde in the United States, of which almost all are children.

The name has become something of an urban legend on Bump, a pregnancy forum, with a number of mothers claiming that they actually met children called Abcde in real life. Several posts on the site have called it one of the “worst names ever.”

Naming your child is always a tricky thing.

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