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South Korea sends tangerines to the north, which sent mushrooms

At Hyung-Jin Kim | AP 12 November at 12:41 SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea flies thousands of ash trays…

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea flies thousands of ash trays with mandarins to North Korea in return for the north’s large transport of pineapples in September, officials in Seoul said [19659006] South Korea says it will send 200 tons of mandarins from its southern resort island Jeju to North Korea late monday afternoon. The South Department of Defense says that military aircraft flew to Pyongyang twice on Sunday to deliver the fruits and do the same on Monday.

After September’s Interkorean Summit in Pyongyang, North Korea South Korea gave 2 tonnes of pine mushrooms as a goodwill gesture. Pine sponges are large white mushrooms that are considered a healthy delicacy in both Korea and other Asian countries. They are one of the Nordic region’s most appreciated regional products, and the country sent them to South Korea 2000 and 2007 after the previous summit.

Tangier flight is a sign that the two Koreans are pushed forward with efforts to improve the ties despite a stalemated global diplomacy on North Korea’s nuclear programs. According to the officials in Seoul and Washington, North Korea has recently launched high-level talks with the United States to discuss achieving North Korea’s nuclear disarmament and setting up a second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.

Following a provocative run of its nuclear and missile test last year, North Korea began negotiations with the United States and South Korea this year, claiming its willingness to handle its advancing military arena. Since then, the Nordic region has taken steps to dismantle its nuclear test site and parts of its rocket engine testing facility, but US officials want the country to take more significant and irreversible steps towards denuclearization.

South Korea’s Liberal President Moon Jae-in was behind diplomacy in the United States and North Korea. The moon has met Kim three times this year.

The Monetary Union of the Month said Monday that it has approved a visit of seven North Koreans to attend an academic forum in South Korea later this week. The Forum is about regional issues, including Japan’s war mobilization of workers in Asia and Pacific.

Seoul said on Saturday that the two Koreans had stopped withdrawing troops and firearms from some of their frontal protection measures as part of their agreement to lower military tension between the countries. Korea has stopped military exercises along the border and has cleared mines from a border area to carry out its first joint searches after the Korean War’s death.

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