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Sony E3 2019 Problems are ultimately their own mistakes

L During the week, Sony announced that it would go over the E3 in 2019. Why the message was made…

L During the week, Sony announced that it would go over the E3 in 2019. Why the message was made so many months before the time there is someone guessing, but there are instantly so many takeaways from this message-it means that Sony is currently embarking on PS5 development, but without announcing the console as it does not feel ready yet, has nothing new to show? Does it mean that no new game comes to PS4 other than those Sony has already announced? Why is Sony leaving another big event after breaking PlayStation Experience this year? Why has Sony released the ball so much at conferences over the past two years? What is this new format that Sony plans to adopt to communicate with fans next year to which they referred?

It’s a real rush of questions that rush into thinking about the message and all that brings, but I think the final result, the final takeaway from all, to me is that with the E3 201

9, Sony was caught between a rock and a hard place. Whatever it ended, it would have ended up on a lot of people.

We know, though Sony has not announced it officially (why they would) that we are in PS4’s last year’s life. By this time, most of Sony’s development teams have probably started working on projects that come on PS5, and there are no new messages to be made for PS4. But because they are not ready to officially announce PS5, they can not show any of the games for it either. That means they must come to E3 with a variety of games already announced and limits for overexposure at this time to begin with.

We know, although Sony has not officially announced (for why) that we are in the last few years of PS4’s life.

This was the exact position Nintendo was stuck in 2016. After that, Nintendo Switch (code name NX then) was not ready to be revealed, nor was it any game that came to it. Nintendo had no further games in development for the wrong Wii U, and those who came to the system had already been notified and showed up. In 2016, Nintendo chose to minimize its presence on the E3, which meant just a game on the show, and no press event or direct. Of course, because the only game was The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo still dominated the E3 at the back of the only game (and since it was also confirmed that it came to NX, it also acted as a handsome look at the upcoming console).

But Sony can not do that for several reasons. Although The Last of Us Part 2 or Death Stranding would be a crossword game for PS4 and PS5, the company has shown them so many times at this time that they bring them to another event evokes not necessarily excitement (remember, Breath of the Wild was correctly revealed at E3 2016, before we had seen every few dozen seconds of it in shields and clips).

So although Sony actually has a fair number of games coming up to PS4- Dreams, Days Gone, The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima ] These are all games we’ve seen for at least one year at this point. Sony has taken them to several E3 games, The Game Awards, Paris Games Week, PlayStation Experience and only with these games, with nothing new to show fans again to a show would not be good with Sony fans , who are used to bombastic new messages on their show. Their show this year was already recorded, for the final format, yes, but also because Sony itself had nothing to show.

So Sony’s choice is to either come to the event with no new and same handful games it has been shown over half a dozen events in the past three years, or to not show up at all. Theoretically, Sony may try to get a show with only third-party messages and games, with minor updates on their own games, but again, without having a new message, they would only get panned unless there is a big third party announcement that you could have time with their show.

But it’s unlikely, because third parties themselves probably do not have many large unannounced projects that are intended for this generation of hardware to show. If there is many big third-party games are coming in that friend, they will probably be for PS5 and Xbox Scarlet. So they run into the same problem that they are not ready to show themselves yet. That, plus in recent years, third party publishers are increasingly preferring to announce their games on their own schedule, rather than to Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft.

“One thing I say is that all of this is Sony’s own mistake. For years I have leaned on the company’s inclination to announce games year and year before the schedule, and the tendency is that landed them in the hard place they are in right now. “

So Sony’s choice is-showing the same old stuff and let you regret your audience (as they did on E3 this year); or do not show up on the E3 at all, and use less direct communication tools with fans for updates about their upcoming games (like Nintendo with Nintendo Direct), but disappoint everyone by not going and removing a speculation chain. It is clear that they have chosen the latter.

One thing I say is that all of this is Sony’s own fault. For years I have leaned on the company’s inclination to announce games year and year ahead of schedule, and the tendency is that has landed them in the hard place they are at the moment. About Games Like Days Gone, Dreams, Death Stranding and The Last of Us 2 had not been reported several years before they were ready to release, Sony could get big new messages for E3 lately two years, like next year, and for PSX. Instead, the company chose to announce them early, and we got a plethora of disappointing views, and then two wrecked no shows.

In the end, it will not be so much obvious. Sony will eventually announce the PS5, and then there will be many exciting new games coming to the system, and everything will be great and everyone will be happy. But I hope that in recent years they have learned that they simply can not afford to announce games literally half a decade before they’re ready to release, and it’s better for them to separate messages and fans

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