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Some snow showers this evening with a bigger winter storm this weekend.

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) – TISDAYWe start with sunny clouds, but clouds will develop in the afternoon. Temperatures get much cooler…

We start with sunny clouds, but clouds will develop in the afternoon. Temperatures get much cooler for many with highs that are likely to only do in the middle to the upper 40s in the east and lower 40s to the west.

We can not overlook the chance of snow wells this evening throughout the region. Most of the accumulating snow will stay in the mountains, but we can not exclude a coating here and there. Low falls into the 20’s and 30’s.

Temps will continue during the rest of the week with heights in the 30’s and 40’s over our area and downturns in the 20’s and 30’s. A slight disturbance can cause some blisters to make it as far east as Blue Ridge Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning. A light accumulation is also possible at high elevations.

We continue to see the potential of a significant winter weather event this weekend. Mostly late Saturday to Sunday. It may even be in the beginning of Monday.

At this time, the models continue to move the storm back and forth with each run, but the idea of ​​a winter storm late Saturday and Monday is still a good opportunity. Models have retained the potential of each run, but at this point, there is much uncertainty about the situation of the low and how cold our temperatures will be. It will have a big impact on snowfall totals.

There is a lot of moisture available with this storm, but how much would it fall because all snow versus a mixture is still questioning. Since the storm is still in the Pacific, some amount of details will probably not arrive until mid-week.

If models continue to hold the course, it would be an impressive event that would affect weekend plans. We will know more every day and forward it to the air online and be sure to download our WDBJ7 Weather App for instant updates and alerts.

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