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Some dark web dealers refuse to sell Fentanyl, says British drug protection agent

(newser) –Fentanyl providers on the so-called "dark web" deny the drug because it's just too dangerous – and tends to…


Fentanyl providers on the so-called “dark web” deny the drug because it’s just too dangerous – and tends to attract the attention of the police, Guardian reports. If it is true, the move places fentanyl alongside explosives and some firearms that are too risky for some vendors to sell. “There are marketplaces that do not accept lists of weapons and explosives – those who do not accept lists for fentanyl,” said Vince O’rien, a drug addict at the National Crime Agency in Britain. “It is obvious that law enforcement would prioritize the supply of weapons, explosives and fentanyl over, for example, Class C drugs &#821

1; and that might be why they do this.”

A powerful painkiller, fentanyl, is so dangerous that even a sugarcake of it can kill 500 people, reports the LA Times . The increasing popularity of opioids has caused about 160 deaths in Britain and many more in America, where nearly 20100 people died in 2017 from synthetic opioid-bound overdoses. The police say that laboratories in China produce fentanyl, which is often treated by Mexican cartels and sold in domestic pills or mixed in heroin and other substances. Some users buy it online, where sellers can get nervous. Even drug users “on the dark web say on forums that they do not think it’s right for people to sell fentanyl because it is dangerous and kills many people,” says Brien. “A young man gave a teenager fentanyl and shouted his death body.)

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