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Some cases reveal more features of the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus


After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 , on the side of the Korean manufacturer is the protagonism to which in the end are the terminals with more punch in the market, its Galaxy A mid-range. Specifically, we await the launch and Features of the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus in 2018, whose secrets have been partially revealed in the last leak of their covers.

From Slashleaks we receive these covers of the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 2018 that although they are not accompanied by a list of characteristics , at first glance we can verify and corroborate some of the rumors that have been spilled on this mid-range that is about to land on the market.

More features of the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus from its covers

First of all we talked about the official Samsung cases, so it is not a third accessory manufacturer, so we can consider the final design of this accessory as well as the phone we see inside. Among the characteristics of Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 2018 we can see how a double camera stands out. However, we already know that not all dual cameras are the same and the difference in size between the lenses makes us think that we are facing one that will have a wide angle and another with a telephoto lens. The combination of both will allow us to have the most fashionable effects such as Bokeh and it seems that they will work in a similar way to those of the great rival in this segment, the Xiaomi Mi A1 .

Some cases reveal more features of the Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus

On the other hand, although the back cover is not revealed, it is almost certain that it will arrive with a Rear glass to offer wireless charging . It can be seen that the fingerprint sensor is also kept under the camera, with a certain separation of the lenses which can prevent us from placing our finger on its glass. For the rest, we have a aluminium frame where the connector is visible USB Type C as well as that the minijack for headphones and as audio output.

Finally, in the upper part of the front, both the camera and the light sensor appear and what appears to be a front flash , something that could improve and give it a greater focus on selfies, in this age of social networks like Instagram where self-portrait predominates.

At the moment, little else we know of this release but since we are already receiving the filtration of its official cases and accessories, it must be imminent. The latest rumors point to a 6-inch screen, 4 GB of RAM, a 16 + 16 MP camera, and a battery that will surpass the 3,000 mAh of the Galaxy A6.