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Some Austin students are charging for bottled water – News – Austin American-Statesman

A handful of employees in Austin and college charge students up to $ 2 for a bottle of water on…

A handful of employees in Austin and college charge students up to $ 2 for a bottle of water on Monday, even after district officials said that the water would be provided free of charge in connection with the city’s water limitation.

Austin School District officials

Even some students, parents and teachers regretted that at least some schools do not get enough water to meet students’ needs.

Trasell Underwood, vice president with education Austin, the district’s largest working group, has received calls from relevant school workers that there has been insufficient water and with little certainty that there will be enough for the rest of the week if the Austin Waters cold water message continues . Instead of emails, the district should have robbed calls to all parents who advised them to send water with their children and to inform them that the schools were in need of donations rather than relying on the district website and news media to get the information , she said.

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“I know for a fact that campus is not allocated enough water to support its student body and it’s a big problem, Sade Underwood.

Lamar Middle School set up boiled water stations around the school and gave about 2 ounces at a time to students who asked for it, as needed, according to a letter sent to the parents on Monday.

District officials said employees delivered water to all campuses on monday and tuesday and were unsure why some teachers or students did not realize that the water was available. They encouraged anyone who was keen to announce the campus principle.

“The Austin ISD Campus continues to provide water free for all students as needed,” said Cristina Nguyen, district language woman . “We continue to ask parents to send students with water, juice or sports drinks when we work f is to manage our water supply. All students incorrectly charged for water on Monday are automatically paid back through their meal account. “

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Austin district and surrounding district with campus affected by the cold water message requested water bottle donations on Monday, they still take donations that can be released at all campus offices. Schools continue to boil water for lunch.

The camps in Austin, Del Valle, Eanes, Travis, Leander, Pflugerville and Round Rock have been affected by the Coldwater message. have removed or covered drinking fountains and distributed thousands of bottled water to students.

They also adapted school packages to include hot vegetables and remove salad bars and any fruit that requires washing.

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