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So you can buy at Mercadona with your Android or iPhone mobile


Mercadona is a giant of food in our country, but the truth is that although its business model works like a greased mechanism, it did not finish adapting to the 21st century in terms of online purchases. Mercadona has decided that it was time to end a somewhat deficient website and try to catch up with the other rivals in the sector such as Amazon Fresh or Carrefour online . This is how you can buy in Mercadona with your mobile.

Mercadona has made a generous investment for this purpose 20 million euros , although as we will see later, your new service is, for now, somewhat limited.

14 municipalities of Valencia are the lucky ones

Just like a giant like Amazon has not yet come out of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia , Mercadona restricts its new service considering it as a pilot experience that will be extended to other cities based on the success of this initiative.

So you can buy at Mercadona with your Android or iPhone mobile

Mercadona wants to do things well, and for this they have opened a new warehouse in the polygon of Vara de Quart in Valencia which will be exclusively used to satisfy orders placed with your new online app.

As we say, only the Valencia center and surroundings will be eligible for this service, and for this, Mercadona has allocated a total of 240 people and prepared new trucks capable of maintaining up to 3 different temperatures and with room for 9 and 15 orders according to size (the latter for the logos of more difficult access).

So you can buy at Mercadona with your Android or iPhone mobile

So you can buy at Mercadona with your Android or iPhone mobile

The conditions of the order do not change with respect to the previous website, and we will need to place an order minimum of 50 euros which will have a transport cost of 7.21 euros . The payment, as is logical, is made by credit card (can not be paid in cash) and we can place orders between 7 in the morning and 22 of the night from Monday to Saturday .

A look at your new app: available for Android and iOS

Although the service is restricted to Valencia and surroundings, we will have no problem to install the app on our smartphone and take a look.

Just open it, We are asked for our zip code or location to check if we are the lucky ones that can send us the purchase home, but if not, the app itself offers us the option to take a look at the interface and simulate purchases, we assume that with the intention of giving it to meet future users. We also have the option to put our email so that notify us when the service is available in our area.

The interface of the application to buy online at Mercadona is quite simple, and it is divided into 4 categories:

  • Recommendations or start tab: where the day’s offers and other interesting products are displayed.
  • Categories: to make it easier to perform searches.
  • My regulars: as the name indicates, a list of products that we usually buy so that adding them to our car is a simple task.
  • Profile: in this last tab, we store and manage our data and the configuration of the application.

From what we have been able to verify, the operation of the application is very fluid, the design very clean, it contains photographs of all products and it does not seem to have any bug. The deliveries are always made the next day and within the 1 hour time frame we choose; If we are not at home, we will leave a contact note to arrange a new shipment.

So you no longer have an excuse to buy at Mercadona with your mobile phone, unless you’re from La Coruña. Hopefully this initiative will go ahead and soon be available to the rest of the users.

You can download the applications for Android and to iOS in the highlighted links.