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So what will happen to the Negro after his great half-season's last moment?

(Spoilers Forward For Season 9 In The Mid-Season Of The Walking Dead At AMC) For the whole season 9 of…

(Spoilers Forward For Season 9 In The Mid-Season Of The Walking Dead At AMC)

For the whole season 9 of “The Walking Dead” so far, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has stuck in one place: his prison cell in Alexandria. We have spent some time with him because he fools those who visit him. This week, Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) is wearing Brown of Negan’s Heckling.

And it is Gabriel who apparently made a big mistake that will change the future of Negan. Late in the episode, after Gabriel was diligent with his usual smack talk, Gabriel was not in a mood to deal with him because he was worried about Rosita but could not see her because he was on Negan duty &#821

1; Gabriel rods the cell and storms away. That night, Negan discovers that the cell door is not actually locked.

Then Negan goes right out of there … and that is where his story leaves when we enter the mid-season hiatus. 19659003] Negan had a fairly important part to play in the comic book with the upcoming war with Whisperers, the people we discovered were disguised as zombies at the end of the season’s final. The television version of “The Walking Dead” already takes him at least a mildly different direction, but it is likely to condense its story a little.

I will, at least, come across what the Negan does after leaving Alexandria in the series, meaning potential destroyer of the latter half of season 9 of “The Walking Dead.” Just FYI.

In the series, Negan discovers its cell unlocked but does not actually leave. He wants to get stuck to try to earn Rick’s confidence and show that he reforms rar. This does not work. So when a teenage boy named Brandon Rose decides to break Negan out to revenge both Rick, who killed his father and Whisperers who killed his mother, Negan takes him on the offer.

Brandon wants to force the Wisans and Alexandrians to kill each other by leaking Rick’s war plans to the whispers. But Negan has other ideas and murder Brandon before joining the Whisperer camp and pretending he wants to join them. After a long chat with Alpha, Whisperer leader, about life as Whisperer, the Negan kills her and strikes out of the camp with her head.

He takes his head back to Alexandria and Rick gives him a measure of freedom in exchange to fight for the rest of the war against Whisperers, as he does. During the war, Negan accidentally breaks his bat Lucille in battle, and on one occasion he also saves Rick’s life. After all, Negan gets his freedom for real and he goes out to live in the woods by himself.

While out, he is finally confronted with Maggie in a sequence already featured in the performance several weeks ago – when Maggie (Lauren Cohan) visited Alexandria to put Negan down for good but could not do himself because he was so pathetic.

Now, the part of this story that will certainly not play on the TV version of “The Walking Dead” is all Brandon Rose stuff, as there is no character on the show. As you may have guessed from the name, Brandon is Tammy Rose’s son. But all about Tammy Rose (Brett Butler) on the show is different – she’s married to Mr Sutton, and their son Kenneth died in the premiere for season 9.

So with that, and with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) Outside the picture decided showrunner Angela Kang and the show’s writer that apparently only has the Negan castle when he found that his cell was unlocked and skip all other things. What, of course, is still unknown, as the show has shown an increasing willingness to go off the book in recent years.

But it will be a few months until we know for sure where Negan’s story


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